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10 Cold Stuff Against this Winter – Tips & Remedies

You caught the cold?

There are already several winters that I did not have to fight a cold probably because of all the little tricks given by my grandmother and gleaned from some magazines.

So, I suggest you share ten of the best stuff to fight against this winter scourge that is the cold and to relegate this inconvenience to oblivion.

Avoid touching your nose

Do not touch your nose unnecessarily with your fingers when you get seized. Use a tissue to blow your nose and do not let it drag. Get rid of it in order to avoid the spread of the cold virus to the other inhabitants of the household.

Do not touch your face with your hands

The viruses responsible for chills and colds spread through the mouth, eyes and nose. Carefully avoid touching these areas of your face so you do not spread these viruses unnecessarily. Also ask small children not to touch these parts of your faces to avoid spreading.

Wash your hands so you do not catch the cold

It is known, the cold, spreads by direct contact with a person also affected. This will cause the affected person to blow their nose and spread the virus on their hands and touch the phone, computer keyboard or other object. As the germs live for hours, they will be propagated on these same objects. It is important to wash your hands frequently and appropriately to avoid passing on the cold to the people around us.

Drink plenty of water to cure a cold

The adage says to drink a lot of liquid to eliminate the common cold which is totally true. The water will keep you hydrated and will eliminate more quickly the germs and viruses responsible for the common cold .

Breathe fresh air

This may seem curious, but cold air improves resistance to germs and therefore helps to prevent the common cold. So take a walk regularly as a prevention but also when the first signs of the cold are felt. Also, just breathing in fresh air from outside can help you unclog your nose.


Exercise is good for physical and mental health. In addition, exercise helps prevent the common cold as it stimulates the production of antibodies and releases stress, a generator of the common cold.

Avoid smoking

Inhalation of cigarette smoke causes paralysis of the nose lashes, air filtration organs. By the very fact, they would therefore let pass germs and viruses responsible for the common cold.

Eat yogurt against the cold

Scientific research has shown that people who eat yogurt on a daily basis can produce antibodies to the common cold. Do not hesitate to put this healthy food on your menu.

Sit down, the best cold stuff!

Once the symptoms of the cold appear, it is important to rest well in order to fight effectively. Remember also that rest is a preventative measure in the fight against the common cold. Also, be careful not to staple your cold by turning your little cold into flu or bronchitis for example.

Take a steam bath against the cold

A steam bath or sauna with essential oils of mint or eucalyptus will free your bronchial tubes from their secretions and will give you relaxation before going to bed. The steam bath, to be tried daily before going to bed in cold weather.

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