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10 Natural Home Remedies for Treating Allergic Rhinitis

People suffer from various types of allergic problems. There can be many reasons for the formation of an allergy in humans. Allergic rhinitis is a type of reaction that is mainly due to hyperactivity of the human body. When a person inhales something bad, the body’s immune system reacts to a high degree and causes the release of chemicals known to be allergic rhinitis. Grass pollen is the main cause of the formation of allergic rhinitis, also commonly called hay fever.

People who suffer from this problem are trying to apply different methods to have a treatment that works. But few people know that with home remedies easy to do, one can get good results to cure allergic rhinitis.

10 Effective Home Remedies for Treating Allergic Rhinitis


Oranges and other types of citrus help to improve the immunity of the human body, and thus avoid any problem with allergic rhinitis. The anti-oxidants and vitamin C present in the oranges will increase the level of immunity.

 Oranges are an excellent antioxidant
Eat regular oranges in your daily diet. They will help the body fight against foreign bodies.

Turmeric & Honey

Turmeric is one of the oldest ways to deal with various health problems. The medicinal properties found in turmeric will help you stay away from allergic conditions.

 Turmeric is a good ally for treating allergic rhinitis
Mix a little turmeric powder and honey and consume them regularly to get better results. You can also mix pure turmeric powder in hot milk.

Apple wax vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can be used to treat allergic rhinitis. The antihistamine properties present in cider vinegar, make it very useful to deal with this problem.

 Apple cider vinegar is a powerful antihistamine
Take a little fresh vinegar and mix a little lemon juice with. Add a little honey and drink this mixture regularly.

The strawberries

Strawberries are a very good source of vitamin C and can, therefore, help the immune system. The foreign matter will, therefore, be under control and the immune system can deal with it without triggering large reactions.

 Strawberries are rich in vitamin C
Increasing the consumption of strawberries on a regular basis will achieve good results.


Ginger is used as the best home remedy for treating allergic rhinitis. The anti-inflammatory properties in ginger will help to destroy the inflammation caused by hay fever. The antiviral and antibacterial properties of ginger will also help to cure the allergy.

Ginger is a good anti-inflammatory

Prepare a ginger tea and drink this hot solution regularly to have visible results.

Salt water

Salt water is considered the best solution, and is commonly used to ward off allergies. Salt water is perfect because it will prevent the formation of allergic substances.

Salt water cleans your nose in the best ways
You can simply prepare a salt water solution, then wash your entire nose to clean it of foreign matter. This will help to treat allergic reactions. For cleaning your nose, you can use a neti pot.


Steam can also be used to address the problem of allergic rhinitis. Hot steam can be produced by boiling water. Let steam pass over the nose and clean the mucus present inside. Used in this way, steam can help clean the nose.

The steam cleans the mucus present in the nose
Add a little peppermint oil to the boiling water and inhale the steam that emerges. Cover your face with a towel to inhale properly the steam (be careful not to burn yourself by approaching your nose too close).

The oil pulling

This process of keeping oil in the mouth can be used to alleviate allergic rhinitis. This is a very old process, which was used to combat the problems of allergies.

Oil pulling is an old technique that works for allergic rhinitis
Take the right kind of oil, such as coconut oil and apply it inside the mouth in a perfect way. Keep it sometime in your mouth and then spit it out.

The garlic

Garlic also contains anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties. It can be used to treat allergic rhinitis.

Take a few fresh garlic cloves and chew them to get better results. You can also use them in your dishes to add more benefits and lessen the symptoms of allergic rhinitis. It is readily available and will provide very good results if you eat it regularly.


Yogurt can also help get rid of the problem of allergic rhinitis. It is rich and source of good bacteria, necessary to maintain the body healthy.

Yogurt is rich in good bacteria
Use a little bit of yoghurt in your daily diet to keep all forms of allergies away. In addition, it is good for your health.

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You have here a non-exhaustive list of some home remedies that can be particularly effective in treating allergic rhinitis. Do not forget that nothing replaces the advice of a doctor!

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