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10 Tips to Stop a Cold – Before its Start

Think you start a little cold?

Colds usually takes us by surprise and it was not long that very quickly felt the first symptoms. At that time, it would be a good time to try to stop the virus that takes more lives in itself.

You want to act quickly? So here 10 tips to stop a cold start!

1. Drink as much water

Water removes toxins! So drink plenty of water if you start early cold or other minor ailments!

2. Taking vitamin C

Take 300 mg of vitamin C every 30 minutes! Stop only when you will no longer have cold symptoms or if you have diarrhea. Do not be afraid, your urine will eliminate excess vitamin C.

3. Sleeping a lot to stop the common cold

As soon as you experience symptoms of a cold, go to bed! During 2 or 3 days, 9 sleep hours per night! Your body will thus have the energy to fight the virus!

4. Use saline against colds

Saline solutions sucked through the nose will be excellent to fight your cold start.

5. Keep warm to ward off colds

Do not go catch fresh and cold draft! You will worsen your situation and risk having a bad cold in the end.!

6. Drinking hot water before going to sleep

If you sweat, you will eliminate more toxins related to your cold. Before going to sleep, so drink a quick cup of hot water with a little lemon juice.

7. Two Tylenol every four hours

Tylenol will help reduce cold symptoms. But beware, if you not come to the end of your cold, it is best to consult a health professional.

8. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol deplete more your system and you will have difficulty in fighting the virus that causes the common cold.

9. Turn humidifier

Staying in an environment that is not dry will be a good asset to you and to stop this early cold!

10. Make some practice

It must be dosed as your body especially needs rest. But with minimal physical training, you will eliminate more quickly.

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