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31 Symptoms of Sinus Infection (Sinusitis), Contagious & Treatment

You have a running nose and a headache but are not sure if it is caused by sinusitis, flu or other infection? Or maybe you have pain near the forehead and are afraid it might be one of the sinus infections symptoms? Well, you don’t need to worry and raise questions anymore as this simple test will show you how to determine if you have sinusitis or is it just some other problem.

Below is a list of 31 sinus infections symptoms. Print them out or write them on a piece of paper and mark which ones you are showing. If you marked 5 or less, then you probably have no sinusitis and these are not symptoms of sinus infections but rather of some other disorder or disease. However, if you marked more than 5 sinus infections symptoms, there is a chance you have sinusitis. Naturally this chance increases according to the number of symptoms of sinus infections you marked in the list. The more you marked, the more alarmed you should be.

31 Symptoms of Sinus Infection (Sinusitis), Contagious & Treatment
31 Symptoms of Sinus Infection (Sinusitis), Contagious & Treatment
  1. You feel tired for no apparent reason, feel exhausted or show signs of fatigue in general. This may affect you in school, at work or at home. You might be unable to perform at your usual level and feel sleepy out of a sudden.
  2. There is swelling on your face, particularly around the cheeks. Also, there might be signs of swelling, such as puffiness, near the cheekbones.
  3. You have no sense of smell or this sense is extremely weak. Most of the sinus infections symptoms are related to the nose, the nasal canal and sinus opening as you will see from the other items on the list.
  4. You have a running nose or mucus is coming out of your nose. This mucus can be greenish-yellow in color, but it also might be bloody. You might feel mucus in your mouth as it might be draining directly there.
  5. You have pain around or in the ears. Symptoms of sinus infections might radiate farther away from sinuses and to the ears, making it harder to distinguish if they indicate the same disease.
  6. Your friends and family say your breath is bad. This might not be meant offensively but rather as a warning for possible sinus infections symptoms.
  7. Your teeth feel painful or sensitive.
  8. You have difficulty hearing with either one or both of your ears. As mentioned before, sinus infections symptoms can also affect the ears to great extent.
  9. You experience sleep apnea. For those who don’t know what sleep apnea is, it is one of the sinus infections symptoms when patients suddenly stop breathing for a moment when sleeping.
  10. Headaches are occurring constantly but you cannot explain them. In other words, they don’t seem to be caused by any reason.
  11. You are unable to breathe through your nose. This is due to blocked nose. It can be noticed more often at night, although it is not limited by time.
  12. One of your eyes is swelling. It can be either left or right eye. As you will see later, there are more sinus infections symptoms related to eyes.
  13. There is constant coughing, however slight. If you can’t seem to cough out whatever is in your throat, it might be one of symptoms of sinus infections.
  14. You feel that there is something blocking the tear ducts.
  15. You feel dizziness. It is more often when you stand up and walk around, or when you are engaged in some activity. It is often followed by headaches.
  16. Your eyes feel dry as if you spent several hours watching the television from very near distance.
  17. Your eyes are full of tears. Unlike previously mentioned sinus infections symptoms, in this case there is more irritation in the eyes causing more tears to be produced.
  18. Your nose seems to be full of mucus, blocking the passage of air through the nasal canals.
  19. There is post-nasal dripping.
  20. You feel pressure in the areas where sinuses are located, resulting in more pain from the nose to the top of the forehead.
  21. You have tinnitus. Tinnitus stands for ringing in the ears. Sinus pains can cause sinus infections symptoms near the ears and affect them greatly.
  22. The corners of your eyes crust extensively. Those symptoms of sinus infections that are related to the eyes are often followed by eye pain and headache.
  23. Your throat is sore for no apparent reason.
  24. The lymph glands that are located below your lower jaw bone are swollen. It is one of the easiest to spot sinus infections symptoms.
  25. There is a lot of water in your eyes.
  26. You feel that your lips are often chapped, and it seems to occur out of nowhere. In other words, it was not due to staying in cold for extended periods of time or other obvious reasons but is rather one of the sinus infections symptoms.
  27. Almost constantly you are hoarse. Since some people are hoarse all the time, it is hard for them to notice this symptom. Besides, hoarseness can be caused by other reasons.
  28. You snore at night. Again, it does not necessarily mean snoring is one of the sinus infections symptoms since many people snore. If you just started snoring, mark this as a symptom.
  29. You feel as if there is a blockage in your eyes making them clogged. Also, normal ear cleaning methods seem to have no effect on this.
  30. There is often crust on the walls of your nostrils.
  31. Mucus from the sinuses goes directly into your mouth causing you to spit greenish-yellow mucus.


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