Attention: 6 Ingredients to Avoid When you are Sick

Sour food

It irritates the already irritated mucous membranes and can further strengthen the symptoms of the disease. These foods include all citrus fruits, including oranges.

Supermarket fruit juices

These fruit juices contain an enormous amount of added sugar, which weaken the body and the immune system ( see our tips to boost your immune system ). This is why you should always prepare your fruit juices at home. This way, you will always be 100% sure of the juice content, and will bring you all the vitamins and minerals needed for your sick body.


When we are sick, we must increase fluid intake in our bodies. Coffee caffeine, acts as a powerful diuretic that can dehydrate our body.

Dairy products

Even though dairy products contain a large amount of protein and vitamin D, they secrete natural mucus into the body, which can further strengthen the symptoms of cough.


Fried foods are not good for our bodies even when we are healthy. Imagine what they can do to a sick body.


Alcohol, even coffee, can dehydrate our body because it drains body fluids. Mixing alcohol with medication is not a good idea as it can lead to harmful side effects.

There are not only drugs in life! Discover quickly 6 foods that want us well.

Unusual or trivial, they take care of our health…

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