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5 Most Common Chronic Sinusitis Symptoms

When it comes to very common conditions that most people would like to avoid, sinusitis should make the top list. Many of us have already felt what sinusitis is and how excruciatingly painful and unpleasant it can be. In fact, at least 37 million people every year fall victim to sinusitis and have to live with this condition for the several days that it lasts. But several days is not as bad when you compare it with having to live with chronic sinusitis. What is chronic sinusitis?

It’s the same infection and has the same sinus infections symptoms as acute sinusitis but it lasts longer than 10 days and might even take as long as a few weeks and even months. Now that’s not something many people would like to experience!

It seems at first glance that there is nothing to be so scared about – we can live a few days with sinusitis, surely we can manage a week or two! But the problem with chronic sinusitis symptoms is not only that they last for such a long time, but also that they are easy to mistake for cold, flu or acute sinusitis symptoms. Therefore it is important to know how to recognize chronic sinusitis symptoms and how to treat them before they develop into something more dangerous.

The first and most common symptom of many conditions that attack mostly during Autumn is a runny nose. That might not seem dangerous at first glance at all. We have all had that feeling of a runny nose, and in the great majority of cases, it doesn’t develop into anything more serious than always having to have to carry a Kleenex with us and always feeling an unpleasant sensation in the nose. But if you have a runny or stuffy nose and mucus is yellow or green, you should pay attention, especially if it lasts longer than 10 days as it might be one of the symptoms of sinusitis. And not just any sinusitis – chronic sinusitis!

Another symptom that needs to be identified to provide necessary chronic sinusitis treatment is fever, headaches and even toothaches. These three symptoms that fall under one category are very commonly found as common sinus infections symptoms as well as other conditions, such as flu. Besides, sinus headaches might be mistaken for a migraine and therefore the chosen treatment might be to no effect at all.

Third in the list of chronic sinusitis symptoms is the constant clearing of a throat. This kind of comes together with a stuffy nose because very often people tend to sniff the mucus inside the nose instead of blowing it out, and that means the mucus gets into the mouth. Very unpleasant indeed, but it happens very often. Mucus then sticks to the throat, making the patient always feel the need to clear it. When this happens often, it is a clear symptom of sinusitis, and it means that chronic sinusitis treatment must be applied.

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Now if we tried to think logically about what happens when a person has a stuffy nose, we might discover another symptom of chronic sinusitis without even having to examine any patients. If the nose is stuffed, that means we would have trouble smelling things. This is yet another symptom of chronic sinusitis. Add a reduced sense of taste and you have the fourth item on the list which is comprised of two chronic sinusitis symptoms – reduced sense of taste and smell.

Last but not least can also be discovered if we follow the logical progression of thought. If we mentioned before that mucus travels into the mouth and throat very often, and we said that it gets stuck in the throat, that means there is constant irritation of the throat. While this won’t make a list of common sinus infections symptoms, it surely is a common symptom of chronic sinusitis. We are talking of course about constant coughing. The irritation of the throat makes a person want to cough constantly as well as clear his or her throat. This is the last symptom on the list but also a great way to distinguish whether you have chronic sinusitis or not.

All in all, knowing the most common chronic sinusitis symptoms is essential if you wish to find proper chronic sinusitis treatment.

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