In case of colds in pregnant women, it is recommended not to take any treatment. To stop this disease, non-prescription medications for colds can be dangerous for the baby. Discover a safe cold remedy for the pregnant woman.

Cold and pregnancy: simple actions to have

The pregnant woman is often more susceptible to diseases because her immune system is weakened. The cold is a minor infection. But above all it is important to check that it is not a more serious disease, such as a flu, especially if the symptoms are accompanied by fever. In case of a simple cold, some actions are easy to adopt to relieve the pregnant woman. It is first recommended to clean the nose with seawater several times a day, using a suitable physiological spray. It is also advisable to blow your nose regularly and drink plenty of water to help the body eliminate the germs that cause the disease. Moreover, it is better to air the rooms of the house every morning to clean the air.

Cold and pregnancy: a homeopathic treatment

Some homeopathic treatments can be used by the pregnant woman, but imperatively on medical prescription made by a doctor. Thus, Kali bichromicum 9 CH (Kali-bi) can help to decongest the nose. Simply take 5 granules of this homeopathic medicine once every four hours.

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