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Types of Eye Twitching, Irritation & Their Natural Home Remedies

An infection of the eye is caused by different types of problems. While eye irritation may be due to several reasons, there are common reasons, such as infection due to bacteria, viruses or the presence of a foreign body. People wearing contact lenses are more prone to eye infections due to the presence of bacteria.

Some of the common symptoms of eye irritation are constant itching, photophobia, swelling of the eyes, tearing, and blurred vision, redness of the eye, yellow or green discharge, eye irritation and pain.

Possible causes of eye twitching home remedies

Here are some common causes of irritation of the eye:

1-Conjunctivitis – It causes irritation and redness of the eye. This is one of the most common types of eye infection. This infection is transmitted through the air so one must remain cautious.

2-stye – It can be easily recognized because it looks like a little ball inside of the eyelid or at the base of an eyelash.

3-Blepharitis – Usually this infection inflamed eyelids and also causes burning, itching and irritation.

Orbital 4-Cellulite – This is inflammation or infection of the surrounding area of the eye. But sometimes this leads to a serious condition like loss of sight if the necessary treatment is not promptly applied.

5-Keratitis – It is also known as’ corneal ulcer. Usually it is caused by a corneal injury due to a foreign body.

6-Dacryocystitis – This is an infection that is caused by lacrimal duct.

Natural remedies of eye twitching

There are some natural remedies to soothe eye irritation:

  1. You should avoid bathing in chlorinated water to avoid irritation.
  2. Use eye drops containing plants: they are very effective. You can prepare yourself an herbal eye drops using 1 teaspoon of dried herbs (example of the Euphrasia) that you infuse in boiling water. Allow to cool, then filter this liquid. This solution is ready to be used as eye drops.
  3. Honeyis very effective in the treatment of eye irritation. You can use it directly in your eyes or you can make an eye wash. Take three tablespoons of honey for two cups of boiling water. Allow to cool, then use to wash eyes. It is also very effective.
  4. You can also make a tea with elderflowerand use it as an eye drop. He soothes his eyes.
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How to stop right Eye Twitching

  • When the contractions in the right eye is soft, it can be remedied at home.Applying a cold or warm compress in the right eye can bring relief.
  • Having enough sleep hours can reduce stress levels that also provides support to the muscles of the eye.Thus, muscle contractions in the eyes can be minimized.
  • Decreased consumption of caffeine and alcohol can also cure the onset of contractions of the right eye.
  • In the event that the contractions becomes serious, then consulting a doctor is necessary to get proper treatment.The doctor may prescribe medications, including eye drops, tranquilizers and anti-epileptic medications. In more severe cases, Botox can be injected directly into the right eyelid.
  • When medications fail to provide relief, surgery may be necessary.
  • However, treatment of the root cause is the main concern to completely eradicate this symptom.

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