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Gastro During Pregnancy: A Cure for Pregnant Women

Diarrhea, vomiting and fever are the well-known signs of the gastro. How to relieve diarrhea and fever during pregnancy? Can the pregnant woman’s gastroenterology be dangerous? Is gastroenterology dangerous during pregnancy?
Gastroenteritis is a widespread viral disease. It is often benign and short-lived, but in case of high fever, it is recommended that the pregnant woman take medical advice. Indeed, fever, if it is not mastered, can cause from the second trimester of pregnancy, uterine contractions and in the worst case, a premature delivery.

Gastro during pregnancy: A cure for pregnant women
Gastro during pregnancy:
A cure for pregnant women

How to relieve the symptoms of a gastro in pregnant women?

Any medical treatment is often prohibited during pregnancy, at least without prior medical advice. During severe diarrhea, it is essential to hydrate. Prefer drinks in the form of soup made from rice, carrots or leeks. You can also eat apples and bananas, but do not eat raw fruits or vegetables. To avoid nausea and vomiting, drink and eat small amounts but very regularly. In case of fever, you can take a warm bath that should bring it down; if this persists, consult your doctor.

Prevention of gastro in pregnant women:

In times of epidemic, a few simple rules can be enough to protect you, especially if you are pregnant.
– Wash your hands regularly, especially after going to the bathroom, when preparing meals or when you come back from shopping for example.
– Avoid contact with an already infected person.
– Wash fruits and vegetables before consumption.

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