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A runny nose is becoming a big problem in abroad areas especially due to the weather conditions. It is an annoying issue for those who are suffering from this disease. It is very common now and can be caused by many things like cold, allergy or any type of infection like increased secretion of mucus. If we don’t work on it, it may lead to severe diseases.So people want to get rid of this problem immediately and keep asking from other than how to stop of a runny nose. We are here to suggest you very common and easy remedies for a runny nose that you can prepare at home or from natural things, and using plants for treatment is a way known as a herbal treatment.

Some of these are given here:

100% Working Home Remedies:

  • There are many natural ways to avoid such issues at home. Many plants, vegetables, and fruits can be used as a cure for a runny nose and their use is also beneficial for many diseases.
  • Like, salt is a natural remedy for this problem we can use it with distilled warm water to our nostrils twice a day for proper treatment.
  • The ginger is another home remedy we use in different ways to avoid mucus release. Ginger can be chewed as well as can be mixed with salt and water for preparing a tea. It is very useful way used to avoid a runny nose.
  • Garlic is also a natural antibacterial and antifungal that make a great treatment. Garlic soup by adding water in it and take it on daily basis gives you proper relief.
  • Then use of different oils like mustard oil, eucalyptus oil and basil type plants are beneficial to cure this disease.
  • It can also be avoided by taking steam regularly. These all have different ways to use if you use them regularly and on suggested way then you will get proper relief from this disease very soon.
  • Honey is used as a cure for many diseases. One of them is flu or a runny nose. A mixture of black pepper, warm water, and honey is also useful for this. If you want to get rid of this problem then you can use any of these remedies at home for best results.

Other treatments:-

If you feel that by using home remedies you are not getting relief from your problem then have a look at your lifestyle. If you feel any imbalance in your diet or you are not taking proper sleep then you should avoid these things. Clean out your nostrils properly every day before and after sleep. Also avoid to go out in cold, because cold air badly harms your nostrils and air passageways. Also message your nose, eyes and related parts to release pressure. You should use neat and clean tissues of clothes for cleaning purpose and it should be soft and gentle for use. Focus on healthier diet and proper sleep. Set a suitable timetable for your diet, sleep, and exercise.


If you use everything according to your requirement then you will get the answer of your question,’’ how to stop a runny nose’’. You will also see a great relief from this disease.

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