How to download YouTube videos via Zenmate

YouTube have been designed to merely allow users to observe and view videos on the website. Many users want to save their favorite videos to their computer to allow them to watch them without being connected to the world wide web or to allow them to watch them upon other devices. Below are the steps necessary for downloading and seeing YouTube videos on your computer for free.

Saving YouTube video like a video file on your computer

Today, there are many online websites that assist you to enter the URL from the video you intend to save to your personal computer, and get a link to download your file. Below can be a simple three move process that to be able to download any Youtube video.
1. Go to any kind of YouTube video site and copy the URL from the video you intend to save. For example, the address below would be the URL of any video on Youtube.

2. Once this address have been copied, paste that URL in to the URL text subject below and click the Download Video switch.

3. If carried out properly, a new window can look showing a preview from the video (as shown below) while using the Download links. For many users we propose downloading the MP4 data format, other formats might include FLV, 3GP, along with WebM.

After the file have been downloaded it’s going to be available in your downloads folder.

How about a private movie?

You cannot acquire private videos since the YouTube download service won’t have the necessary rights gain access to the video.
My partner and i still cant acquire a video

If after adopting the above steps you don’t get a examine like our example make certain that the link you’re using works by opening the page in a very new window. Once verified because working try the above mentined steps again. If the steps carry on and not work try one of many other YouTube acquire sites below.

Note: If you are at a school or job who’s blocking YouTube these steps may well not work.

It should be only saving as audio and never video

Make sure you are choosing the “MP4 360p or perhaps 720p” option from your download link. In case you choose “Audio MP4” the idea only downloads the audio and never the video. If you did choose the right downloaded link to be able to download the file, it is likely that the player you are using won’t have the necessary codec with regard to video files. Download the cost-free VLC player for ones computer and try and play the movie file from within VLC and never the player you are currently using.

Youtube bookmarklet

If you’re planning on downloading numerous videos, use your Computer Hope Youtube bookmarklet. See our bookmarklet page for more information about bookmarklets.

Other YouTube download web sites

In addition to while using above box to be able to convert your movies, there are furthermore other websites along with services that assist you to download YouTube movies. Below are just a few of our favorites.

caution: These services can often save any expensive videos online and can often save adult linked videos, which means whenever viewing these pages you may well be subjected to grownup related content.

http: //www. savefrom. net/
http: //www. savevid. com/
http: //keepvid. com/

Watching a FLV video on your computer

If you’ve preserved the file like a. flv file, you’ll need a player that can handle. flv files. Why not try these suggestions.

VLC marketing player

http: //www. videolan. org/

Windows Media Player

Microsoft Windows users also have the option of playing FLV data files in Windows Media player while using the right codec. Downloading and installing your CCCP codec sets up this codec, and also other codecs you’ll likely need sometime soon.

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