How to Get Rid of an Abscess – Home Remedies

In today’s world, every 3 out of 5 individuals visit a doctor every day. The other 2 miss their recommended care which ends up in their condition being worse or ultimate death. As the world has is on its way of curing diseases, the diseases have their own way of coping up with the world, we will discuss about how to get rid of all type abscess.

The moment you’re finished reading this article, a new virus somewhere around the world has developed and is unknown to the doctors. Medical conditions are getting tougher by each passing day and the cures are becoming hard to find.

Today we’ll look upon a medical condition known as abscess, its (causes) origin, symptoms, types, and treatments you can follow to get rid of this condition (abscess).


An abscess generally involves the swelling of an area lying within the body tissues that can contain or is filled with pus.

Basically, you can get abscess anywhere on your body. But before we get down to the causes, lets’ again have a quick look on the abscess.


The main cause of abscesses (plural of abscess) is when a tissue area, any part of your body becomes infected and your body’s immune system fights against it. To fight against this infection, the immune system sends white blood cells to the infected area and there it collects the damaged tissue. While all this is happening, pus is formed. Pus (even the sound of it makes you vomit) is a small, round, pimple-looking like outgrowth which is filled with fluid, living and dead WBC’s, dead tissues and other foreign substances (including bacteria).


Abscesses can also be caused due to obstruction of oils glands, hair follicles inflammation or small breaks of the skin. Under these glands or the skin, germs get settled which then calls for a body defense from the white blood cells of your body in order to kill these germs. Due to these germs lying underneath the skin, your body suffers an inflammatory (burning) response. The abscess formed now, is filled with debris (foreign dirty substances), bacteria and dead cells. Abscess feels like a watery pimple filled with disgusting pus.

The area where the abscess grows begins to produce a burning sensation and creates a continuous unease in sitting. The pressure on this abscess while sitting causes pain to it and ultimately to you.

.You can get abscesses almost anywhere on your body. You’re most likely to get it under the skin, teeth or generally anywhere on the skin. The common cause of abscesses is bacteria.

These are clearly visible areas where the skin is exposed and they are highly painful. Other areas where you cannot see them may cause organ damage.


Now there are tons of abscesses out there right now. If you put a search on Google for types of abscesses, you’ll be looking at a list of more than a 50 abscesses present. We are going to cover some everyday basics abscesses that are easy to get and need immediate attention from you. We will also be covering the treatments for them. Don’t be one of those “it will go by itself” people, because it won’t if you don’t take care of it, not treating abscess at the right time can lead to some serious life threatening complications. So have some patience and read along!

  • Skin abscess:

Now the part that is clearly visible to everyone in daily life is your skin. Your hands, face, and neck are the parts of the body that are clearly exposed to the public on a daily basis. So if an abscess develops there; then you might lose your self-confidence and be afraid of going out like that. So as soon as you see an abscess developing on an exposing area of your body. Get yourself some help!

Skin abscess, easier name boil, grows up mostly on hands, lower jawline or neck. Skin abscesses can also grow up in armpits especially sweaty arm pits and it’s most painful then. Not to forget the inner thighs too.

The area where it grows up feels swollen and the surrounded are is covered with red and pink exposing pus. It is a painful experience.

The Cause of Skin Abscess:

Now the abscess can be a result of an infection (bacteria or parasite). The oil in our skin and the sweat glands are also one of the leading causes of skin abscesses.

Cautions for Skin Abscess:

  • The first thing you can do is not touch it. Seriously touching would cause you more pain and pressing the swollen pus would make the infection go in the deeper tissues and things would worsen for nothing good.
  • Do not insert a needle or try to pick it with a sharp pencil (or any other sharp object), you would end up damaging a tissue or blood vessel causing the spread of the abscess.
  • If the abscess is small around a half inch, then you can try putting some warm compresses over it for 30-40 minutes and let it heal. Healing can take up to several weeks.

How to get rid of skin abscess

Treatments for Abscess:

  • Potato: Get hold on a potato slice. Grab a potato from the pantry, cut it into thin slices and place it on the affected skin. Secure with tape and leave it for about 30-35 minutes, it will extract all of the poison from the abscess and you’ll have much lesser to deal with once you go to the doctor.
  • Onion: Now if a potato can help you, then an onion can too. Place the onion on the affected area and keep changing it with new onion slices after regular intervals (3-31/2 hours). Eventually the abscess will burst and you will be cured.
  • Epsom Salt Bath: Last we advise you to get Epsom salt bath. Our handful Epsom salt in bath for ten to fifteen minutes and dip the affected area in it. Repeat this 3-4 times daily. You can also take some water (hot water) in a cloth that can hold water, add salt and press it against the abscess. It will soften and fall off.
  • Doctor Option: Going to a doctor is always the better option (at least that’s what I think) because if the above remedy doesn’t work, you obviously don’t have an option. Usually, what the doctor would do is give anesthesia to your first or sedate you so you wouldn’t feel the pain. Then he would move on to draining the pus out of the boil and give you antibiotics for pain or cream for healing, depending on the abscess and you’re good to go.
  • Tooth abscess:

Number 2 on our abscess list is tooth abscess. This abscess will mostly grow up at the root of a tooth or grows up in the gum surrounding the teeth, or the bones that are holding your teeth in place. Now this is painful and disturbing; it’s like affecting your voice. Just so you know gum abscess and tooth abscess are two different abscesses and require somewhat of different treatments.

The cause of tooth abscess:

Well, you may think that this is also caused by bacterial infection. Now yeah it can be somewhat of a cause. But the real cause behind tooth abscess is weak immune system and poor dental hygiene. So don’t forget to brush your teeth twice a day!

Symptoms of tooth abscess:

  • Intense, pounding pain in the affected tooth or gum.
  • Pain spreads to ear, jaw and neck while drinking any liquid.
  • Sensitivity towards to either hot or cold drinks.
  • Swelling of face.

Now if you don’t check in to the hospital for this, then along with abscess you can experience high fever and difficulty in speaking. Furthermore, it might get hard for you to breathe as well.


How to get rid of tooth abscess:

To get rid of tooth abscess pain at home, you can try the following home remedies and will hopefully work.

  • Garlic:
    Garlic, an all-time household item in your pantry can ease the pain. Get some juice out of the garlic and pour on the abscessed area, for some while you feel a severe burning sensation but would ease the pain. The juice will fight against infection and inflammation.
  • Peppermint oil:
    Take some peppermint oil on your index finger and apply it gently on the affected area. The oil properties will soften the abscess and relieve pain and swelling.
  • Herbal tea bag:
    A tea bag contains astringent, make some tea of it but don’t throw the tea bag. Place it on the abscessed area overnight and then wash it with hydrogen peroxide or water the next morning. You will feel much better.

Surgical Treatment:

If the remedies don’t work, then it’s time to visit your dentist and tell him what you’re going through. He would perform a surgery known endodontic surgery and would save your teeth. It’s a very small and no harm procedure. So if you were able to bear the pain last night, the very next thing you should tomorrow is visit an endodontic.

How to get rid of gum abscess:

Now as said before tooth abscess and gum abscess (medical term periodontal disease) are two different abscesses because both require different treatments. Now the thing that tells you whether it is a tooth abscess or gum abscess is the location where the abscess has grown. If it is at the root tip of the tooth then its tooth abscess otherwise its gum abscess. Pus can also get intact in your gums, another painful experience. Probably one of your worst nightmares!

Cause of gum abscess:

It is also mainly due to a bacterial infection and inflammation of gum that are surrounding your teeth, the affected area would get red and you will have a swollen gum.

Remedies for Gum Abscess:

  • Saltwater: Who isn’t aware of the magic that salt does? It really relieves the pain in a very short amount of time. Just take some lukewarm water and add salt to it. Gargle your mouth with it and let the salt water do its trick.
  • Clove oil: Clove oil, another already available ingredient in your house. Just apply a little on the gum and rub very gently. Do this before sleeping, so the pain can go without you ever knowing it was there.
  • You can also use the remedies mentioned in how to get rid of tooth abscess”. But you need to consult your dentist if the pain remains and the situation gets worse.

The abscess is a disease that one should not take lightly and should immediately go to the doctor in early stages of it. We’ll update more on abscesses in upcoming weeks.

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