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How To Get Rid Of Armadillos

So you thought of inviting friends and family for a BBQ day in your yard and you expected to see a yard that is green and clean but HOLD ON!

You notice a hole, then another and another and another. What is going on?  Do you ask yourself? Well you have been visited regularly by ARMADILLOS at night and they have ruined your beautiful yard along with
your BBQ idea  But worry not; we are going to help you get rid of armadillos at any cost, either by nook or crook!

Today, we are going to give you some general information about Armadillos along with clearing some misconceptions about them being dangerous. Without further ado, let’s get started.


Armadillos are classified as one of the pest animals that are most likely to be destroying your yard. Armadillo’s usual way of living is underground. They make themselves comfortable in your yard by digging up in your yard and then sliding in it. When he does that, we are then unable to detect his presence in the yard and then when he is fully mature and kind of nuisance we see him.


This nocturnal mammal tends to dig up deep holes in your yard in order to feast their hungry stomachs. Of course, they are not intelligent enough to notice that they are ruining up your yard so they just go on. It is even said that they have the capability to ruin one’s lawn overnight.

Armadillos are said to have a weak vision but the superb sense of smell. On the basis of this quality of them, they search in the right places for food.


How To Get Rid of ARMADILLOS
This is the study of complete guide how to get rid of armadillos in the Yard, Lawn, Garden and apartments with and without home remedies.

Armadillos are peculiar-looking creatures; you might mistake them for a weak the turtle that has this purplish, light pink color but no they have their own history and background.

All of their anatomy (head, legs, and tails) are covered with bony plates that act like as armor at times when it is necessary. Although there is no definite size and shape for armadillos; they are generally divided into small or big armadillos.

A small armadillo reaches about to 6 inches in length whereas the large ones tend to reach 5 FEET. Color of such mammals includes pink to dark brown, grey, black and tiny hints of red as well.

Sometimes in the presence of their predator, they tend to lock their head and tail in their body to attain the shape of a hardball that is in favor of them at the time of the attack.


These mammals prefer warm weather and they simply hate cold weather. You will notice them in big rainforests, desserts, etc. in ample amounts.


Well now brace yourself for somewhat of a yes-no answer. They are not harmful if you leave them alone but they can be a little aggressive if they sense any kind of danger.
If bitten by an armadillo, one can likely get skin disease such as rabies and leprosy.


Let’s start off the hard and efficient way. It is not usually the best to deal with armadillos yourself; you may need a professional for this.

  1. Purchase a trap that is 12” x 10” x30”. It is big enough to catch a healthy armadillo. Make sure you are buying a catch and release trap so you can let armadillos out with ease.
  2. Position the trap where armadillos most likely dig holes or often visit.
  3. Monitor their timings of coming out which are usually during the night time or early morning.
  4. Place the trap in the afternoon where the victim is most expected.
    (Near recent burrows and holes made by the armadillos).
  5. You can try putting some prey in the trap as well to attract the armadillo such as earthworms.
  6. Check on the trap regularly.
  7. Once you have captured the armadillo, take it away to the wild forest and release them there. Wear gloves when you attempt to open the trap.
  8. Face the trap in the direction where armadillo leads into the forest i.e. away from you.


You can also improvise precautionary measures to keep these armadillos out of your home for good.

  1. Install a stout fence. This is one of the best ways to keep the future armadillos away from your home and backyard. Make sure that fence is installed a foot underground.
  2. Cover up all the entry points if they were caught inside your home. Look for holes in your home especially in the basement. Once you have figured out the entry points, get a carpenter and seal the place.
  3. Close all the dig holes and burrows in your yard by filling them up with dirt. This would discourage armadillos to come around again.


1. Castor oil

As mentioned before, these nocturnal mammals have a strong smell sense. One can try making their yard smell unpleasant. One of the strong repellents is castor oil for armadillos.

2. Cayenne Pepper

Sprinkle cayenne pepper liberally in your yard to shoo these armadillos away.

3. Vinegar and Ammonia

Soak a rag in vinegar or ammonia and place it near armadillo’s burrows to repel these armadillos.

4. Mothballs

A mothball contains naphthalene and sulfur which has a strong smell and should not be inhaled by a human. You can place these mothballs (5-7) near each burrow to act as a repellent for armadillos.

5. Predator Urine

Now, this may work or may not. You can purchase fox urine. Spray it in your yard and due to their strong-smelling sense, they would most definitely hate this smell. So it is up to you!

And that is it, guys. I hope these armadillos just get out of the yard without much effort and please try out our precautionary measures to prevent future armadillos.


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