How To Get Rid of Burning Pain Under Shoulder Blade

Shoulder blades scientific word, scapula (plural scapulas) is a triangular bone that connects the upper arm bone (humerus) with the collar bone (clavicle) and to the muscles of the neck, upper back, and arm. The pain that occurs in this part of the body is termed as interscapular pain. Many kinds of pain are suffered in this part of the body too. This pain for many ordinary people cuts them off from enjoying the daily works of life, for example, spending time with family, playing with kids and much more. We all know what a great deal of effect a shoulder pain can cause in our lives. It isolates you from living daily carefree life.

But worry not today’s mission is to guide you through the shoulder pain ENIGMA! From the causes to the treatments we have everything right over here. Stay with us and we guarantee that you would never need to study anything else. We have all the information on one page. So brace yourselves for some real SHOULDER BLADE PAIN.


There are many causes of just shoulder blade pain or pain under shoulder blades. It can be caused due to a bad posture all day, hectic routine every day, injuries around neck or shoulder, psychological stress from daily life, sometimes the heart attacks (especially in women) is triggered with this shoulder pain. So the point is one really can have a clue why is she/he experiencing shoulder pain.  Below we’ll mention as many causes as we could get our hands on and hope that you figure out the reason why you’re having shoulder pain from the following.

How To Get Rid Of Burning Pain Under Shoulder Blade
How To Get Rid Of Burning Pain Under Shoulder Blade

Rotator Cuff Injury: On the top of our list we have rotator cuff injury. Most likely the cause of pain in shoulder blades is because of an injury to the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff consists of tendons groups and muscles that help stabilize the joint. A man/woman’s rotator cuff develops with age and gets fragile with age too and so can be easily injured. We are going to mention a few symptoms which will indicate the pain in your shoulder blades.


  • The pain develops around or in the shoulder on its own.
  • Experiencing pain on the outside of the upper arm.
  • The pain is dull and aching (stressful).
  • You feel the pain felt when you are lifting something heavy or when reaching overhead or behind your back.
  • The pain stays in the upper arm and not gets past the elbow.
  • Continues at night.

If these are the symptoms you are experiencing then you’re likely to have shoulder pain because of an injury. This is an emergency case and you should consult your doctor as soon as you get to feel any of the above symptoms.

  • Muscle strain/Bad posture: The second highest reason for having a shoulder blade pain in a normal human being who hasn’t suffered any injuries around the respective area is because of his/her bad posture. Yes, the way that you’re lying, standing or sitting in a particular way for a long time can cause shoulder blade pain. Now a day’s technology is everywhere. Our homes, colleges, and offices just everywhere; we are so into the work that has been assigned to us that we don’t see our posture and we work for hours and hours on the computer/laptop/tablet not realizing our posture of sitting, lying or at all. Not only has a bad posture caused shoulder blade problems but neck problems too. Golf and tennis-like games involve twisting which can also be the cause of shoulder blade pain.
  • Herniated or bulging discs – People with disc problems in their neck have the tendency to feel pain not only in their neck but in other regions such as shoulder blades.
  • Heart attack– pain in shoulder blades may cause a heart attack (especially in women). A heart attack doesn’t always start with chest pain, some of the cases over the years have revealed that shoulder blade pain is one of the symptoms of a heart attack. This is a nagging pain and is accompanied by shortness of breath, or lightheadedness.
  • Arthritis– You can even have arthritis in the neck and this can be one of the causes of interscapular pain. Similarly, with disc disease, neck arthritis might be the reason of pain between the shoulder blades or other regions even if you’re not experiencing neck pain.
  • Cancer –Pancoast tumor is a lung tumor but it doesn’t really cause pain in the lungs or areas around them (chest pain). Its symptoms include having pain in the shoulder, in the inner part of the shoulder blades or maybe even both.
  • Gallbladder disease –Commonly the pain location because of gall bladder disease is between the shoulder blades. The pain is mostly experienced in the right shoulder blade.
  • Acid RefluxGastro esophageal reflux disease or GERD is a digestive disorder. It affects the ring of the muscle that is between the esophagus and stomach. The pain can be experienced in the back in the region between the shoulder blades. Other symptoms include heartburn.

Burning/Sharp Pain under shoulder blades:

Pain under the shoulder blades can be one of the worst pains one can experience in life. You can experience pain under the shoulderblades either in the right shoulder blade or in left shoulder blade.

Burning pain is a characteristic symptom of the final stage of the subdiaphragmatic abscess. When the pain feeling increases strikingly, it is reflected in the under shoulder blades, mostly in the right shoulder blade.

One may experience sharp pain in the lower lobe of the shoulder blade which can be the symptoms of renal colic or purulent infiltration. Pain symptoms distribute in the iliac region and under the shoulder blade.

Burning Pain Under Left Shoulder Pain:


Shingle is an infection that is caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox. This might be one of the causes of shoulder blade pain or pain under the shoulder blade. This pain is extremely hurting and is typically a burning pain. Pancreatitis is most likely to cause pain in the left shoulder blade. Acute pancreatitis is the inflammation of the pancreas that can cause severe, continuous pain in the upper middle abdomen. It can be worse after meals and has the ability to radiate to the middle of the back or left shoulder blade.

Burning Pain Under Right Shoulder Blade:

Pain from Abdominal Sources: Gallbladder or liver can be the main reason of having pain in the right shoulder blade. It could be because of dirty foods that you eat. You may experience nausea without vomiting.

Lung Pain:

As mentioned above, lung cancer can be the cause of pain between the shoulder blades (right shoulder blade). One might think that putting in rest the shoulder blades may lessen the pain but it’s not necessary, it might worsen in the rest position.

Remedies and Treatments For Pain in Shoulder Blade:

Treatments of the pain in or under the shoulder blades depend upon the severity of the pain experienced. I know no pain is less pain. You may need just some physical exercise to get rid of the pain or maybe to some extent surgery. Below we are going to mention some remedies for pain in shoulder blades.

  • Use ice or heat packs and painkillers to reduce pain. These three things can also be used to treat minor injuries at home.
  • See your doctor immediately if the pain is due to the result of an injury.
  • Don’t lift heavy buckets. Avoid such kind of activities.
  • See an orthopedic surgeon for specialist advice and treatments if you experience any of the following:
  • A frozen shoulder
  • A rotator cuff disorder.
  • A rotator cuff tear.

Shoulder blades plain suck! See your doctor as soon as you feel even the tiniest pain in the shoulder blades. Thank you for reading.

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