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8 Ways How to Get Rid of Possums

Let me start off by saying that I am scared of every animal on the planet Earth. Even a cat scares the sh*t out of me. Today we are going to talk about an animal that has the look of a mouse and pig (scares the sh*t out of me, again). If by my description some of you have already guessed about which animal I am talking about. You must be those wild animal lovers. But for those of who you have not *drum rolls* I am talking about those scary-looking possums! These scary creatures would not look good roaming around your house especially at night.

What are Possums?

The type of possum found in the homes and gardens of UNITED STATES is known as Virginia opossum. Scientific name: Didelphis Virginiana.

They are about the length of 54-91 cm (21-36 inches) and have a lifespan of 1-2 years if they are living in suitable wild conditions.

They have a body of a mouse (big mouse) or you can compare it to a kitten; white fur over a black body, dark round eyes, and four paws. They also have a hairless tail and ears. Their tail covers about 1/3 of their total length of the body.

It is said that opossum is usually a non-aggressive animal and would not attack until you try to kill him. If he does an attack that is his defense mechanism. How he does that, you may ask? Well, he “plays dead” first and just when you move forward to hit him, even more, to make sure he is dead, he would jump on you with his 50 sharp teeth mouth open and cut open the toughest of the skin. This is one way.

The other way is simply playing dead (they have an inbuilt instinct to paralyze themselves temporary) and you throw them out of the garden. The more preferred way is to shift the animal smoothly to another suitable location which would end the problem at last.

Where Do Possums Come From

Possum’s preferred habitat is usually where there are water, food, and shelter nearby. Your garden is their favorite place of all time. They have the ability to adapt to the weather conditions so if you think that this animal is a seasonal animal, then you’re mistaken. It can live in your garden throughout the 4 seasons.

Possums usually live in other animals abandoned place such as a dog kennel or either in an attic or your treehouse as well.

What Do Possums Eat

Possums can be regarded as omnivores eating both animals and plants. They can eat a wide range of animals and plants. They are always on the hunt of animals such as snakes and chicks that can fulfill there need of food. Usually, you would see these eating dead animals and other matter but if not then the previously mentioned food source is also an option for them. Possums mainly become active after dark.

Now let’s finally talk about how to get these scary creatures out of your garden/home.

How to Get Rid of Possums wikijunkie
How to Get Rid of Possums WikiJunkie

How to Get Rid of Possum

  1. Potent Ingredients

    To scare possums away, you can use either of the following ingredients.

  2. Garlic.

    Crush garlic and spread generously where these possums are likely to enter. This would keep both the male and female possums away.

    Mix the appropriate amount of ammonia in coffee and store it inside a bottle with a cap or lid. After that, take an old cloth and dip into this solution and then tightly seal the cap with rag laid on the bottle. If you feel necessary, you can dip the cloth in just ammonia itself. The smell would keep the possums away.

  3. Chemical Repellents

    In the market, you can find a lot of chemical stuff that can be used in the gardens and yards to keep these possums from reaching your home. Usually, these repellents would be in powder form. Follow the instructions given at the back of the repellent. 

  4. Trap Possums

    Possums are easy to trap because they themselves are always looking for a place to live in. so you putting up a trap would make them think as if you are making a home living for them!

    We are going to help you trap the possums in two ways.

    First, you need to buy a trap, there are as such no specific traps available on the market for possums but many that can fit in even oversized possums.

    Put the trap outside their usual place where they have their food source or you can intentionally put food somewhere and they would sniff and come running. Do this at night time because that is when this nocturnal animal is most active. He would come out for his search of food and follow into a trap.

    Put the trap 3-5 outside the entrance if they live in your house or crawlspace. This would not make them alert and remember to put a heavy brick on the cage so that possum cannot flip the cage over and run again.

    After catching the possum, with your rubber gloves on put an oversized cloth over the cage, carefully take it to the trunk of your car and drive away to a nearby jungle or forest.  Make sure to place the café in the direction where you want the possum to go, don’t have the direction at yourself because you surely do not want to take it home. Slowly open up the cage and step back. The possum would usually walk away.

  5. Call Animal Control

    If you are too scared to do this all on your own, you always have the option of calling professionals. Contacts your nearest animal control agency and let them help you in capturing the possum.

  6. Future Prevention

    If you do not want these opossums come visit you soon again then get rid of everything that was eaten by the possums when they used to live in your garden. Get rid of the food sources, simply garbage and do a thorough cleaning of your garden or have it professionally done.

  7. Seal the openings in a garage.

    Check for any broken openings in your garage to completely block them from coming into your home ever again. Check every broken screen, vents, roofing and other possible shelter areas for them. Get them fixed.

  8. Cut the trees

    Well, this is the last option we have to completely secure the area and that is to lessen the greenery, plants in your garden. If you have tall trees that provide shades, it is time to cut them short. This would also play a role in keeping the possums away.
    And that is it, people. I hope by now you have gotten rid of at least 3-4 possums. Make sure to come back for more help till then have a possum free day.

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