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Infectious Facial Cellulitis: What To Do? (People at Risk)

People at Risk

Cellulite is a skin infection caused by bacteria. This serious infection can occur in anyone and at any age. When it appears on the face it is commonly called facial cellulitis.

Unlike other forms of the disease, some populations are more at risk than others: those with problems with their lymphatic system, those with respiratory tract infection and those with a toothache or otitis media. It should be emphasized, however, that these problems are not caused by the infection itself.

Facial Cellulitis Symptoms

Symptoms are associated with this particular infection.

They include fever, swelling and redness around the neck area, itching and a burning sensation on the cheek, a feeling of heat in the tongue that is also swollen and painful.

Great irritability is also observed in patients with the disease.

Other symptoms include body aches, cold sensation, vomiting and decreased appetite.

The surface of the affected face is also red and swollen. It is warm to the touch and painful.

Diagnosis of facial cellulitis

The diagnosis of facial cellulitis takes into account your medical history, blood tests and physical examination. Your doctor will need to ask you some questions to determine your exact health.

Reviewing the micro-lesions of the epidermis of your face will also be useful in order to know where the bacteria could have entered.

Treatment of facial cellulite

Treat facial cellulitis is through a regime of antibiotics. The dosage depends on the severity of the skin disease.

Serious cases should be treated in a hospital.

The antibiotics used are usually basic penicillin so you should inform your doctor if you are allergic.

These antibiotics are administered for a long time because there are many cases where a cured patient has a recurrence of the disease. Therefore, it is important to strictly follow your doctor’s instructions when taking antibiotics.

Facial cellulitis, a serious infection Synthesis

Head and neck cellulitis is one of the most serious ENT emergencies. Facial cellulitis has nothing to do with orange peel, it is an infection of the deep tissues of the face and neck that develops from a mundane dental or ENT problem and which can be life-threatening.

This adapted and standardized management of facial cellulitis has resulted in a marked reduction in mortality, which remains low for a diagnosed pathology that is often unrecognized but often delayed but where the prognosis is vital. The squeal is often reversible over time, with an ultimately very good quality of life compared to the heaviness of the initial pathology, which justifies the initial therapeutic management.

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