Jumping a car Battery if battery failure

These are various solutions that are useful to know how to start a car without a battery. Anyway, it is important to perform regular maintenance at the car and its equipment to avoid damage as much as possible.

Car problems can happen at any time. This is the case when the vehicle will not start due to battery failure, while it is in a location away from the city or a specialist. With a few tips, everyone can fend for himself without the help of a convenience store. It is useful to know how to start a car without a battery.

The types of problems with the battery jumper cables

Several types of problems can occur with a car battery, and make faulty or unfit for the proper functioning of the vehicle. The most common of these is unloading, which results in a weak electric current supplied, making startup difficult or impossible car.

A battery can discharge for several reasons, such as immobilization of the car for a long time, prolonged use of electrical equipment while the engine is off, or the failure of the alternator, the device for constantly recharge the battery over its uses. Another cause of battery failure is reaching its lifetime, necessitating a replacement. However, in the meantime, it is still possible to use it to bring the car in a garage or at home, to make the necessary interventions. (Please work carefully for jumping a car battery) How to jumpstart a car without battery When the battery is defective, it is the start of the car that can be affected.

Indeed, this approach requires a very powerful electrical energy, and low battery cannot provide this energy. It is therefore important to know how to start a car when the battery is not capable of. One of the means possible is the use of a tool as a booster battery, which can instantly provide the energy needed to start. In the case where there is no available tool, the use of another car having a powerful battery also constitutes a solution. For this, use a jumper cable to plug-on batteries of both cars.

Once the connection is made, you must first start the car up and running, then start the one that has failed. If this approach is not yet possible, second car or cable fault, we must then try to push the car down, with contact and engaging all speeds by engaging thoroughly. When the car reaches a speed of about 10 km / h, it proceed to the progressive clutch, and the car should start.

Here is the several solutions are available to you for jumping a car using jumping cables. Contact a store, buy a new battery, and use a charger or a booster. But the most economical solution remains booting using cables, one black and the other red, terminated at each end by a clamp which can be easily stored in the trunk. Prefer models of sufficient length (at least 3 m) and 25 mm minimum found in car centers for twenty euros. However, this technique requires another vehicle of which the battery must be of the same voltage (typically 12V).

Here is the procedure and the order of operations of jumping a car Battery that must be observed:

  1. After donning a yellow vest and placed a triangle, put the car assistance so as to connect cables and turn off the engine, the headlights, the radio, and all electrical equipment, securely tighten the handbrake and put both vehicles stalled.
  2. Open the hood and locate the battery. Take this opportunity to clean the hulls from that HS.
  3. First connect the red clamp to the positive terminal “+” of the battery of the car down, (please work carefully for jumping a car battery)
  4. Connect the other red clamp to the positive terminal of the battery to the spare car. (please work carefully for jumping a car battery)
  5. Place one of the black clamps to the negative terminal “-” of the battery in good condition.
  6. Attach the other end to a ground point, that is to say an unpainted metal part of the engine compartment of the defective vehicle.
  7. After having verified that the cables are not close to moving parts (belts, fan …), start the vehicle works and let it idle.
  8. Turn the ignition of the car down.
  9. In case of success of the operation, jumper cables should remove in the reverse order, that is to say, start by removing the black clamp connected to the ground to finish with red on the “+” terminal of the disabled vehicle.
  10. Roll last several kilometers to allow time for the alternator to charge the battery.

Modern cars are filled electronic, equipment may require reprogramming using jumper cable to jumping a car battery. A passage from the garage will be required. After several unsuccessful attempts, your battery is probably dead. He should be replaced.

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