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Kitchen Aid Coffee Maker KCM0802 – Review

If you are still in love with that old pour-over coffee method and want a coffee maker that does that, then Kitchen Aid Coffee maker KCM0802 is the ideal choice.

FEATURES OF kitchen aid coffee maker kcm0802:

This coffee maker includes an automatic pour-over brewing technology which imitates the manual pour-over coffee procedure. All the coffee lovers are always curious to see how their coffee is brewed and so this coffee maker has a progress bar which shows the entire happening from the time you put in a spoon of coffee till the time it comes out in the carafe. So in short, the whole brewing process can be seen through this progress bar.

The above kitchen aid coffee maker comes with some customizability when it comes to comparing with Bonavita BV1900. It has two temperature settings, either medium or dark roasted coffee so that is a plus whereas Bonavita BV1900 has none. It also reaches up to the ideal temperature which is required for a good coffee. It has a range of 198°F -204°F to heat up the water at the top of the brewer which results in minimum loss of heat during the process of extraction.

With this coffee maker, you can now select the number of coffee cups you want. It has a cup size selector on its panel, so now if there are four coffee drinkers in the house then make them exact four cups of coffee. Now let me explain in detail what I meant. You must be thinking of making four cups of coffee means we would have to pour in four cups of water and should be standing with the machine in case there is too much or too less water. No, you wouldn’t have to do anything of the sort. Fill the water reservoir for 8 cups but if you’ve selected 4 cups, it will take out 4 cups. So that is a major benefit and this isn’t in any of the other SCAA certified coffee makers.

It has a conical filter basket which some says that is best for even extraction but others prefer flat filter basket. It hasn’t reached any conclusion yet on which is better so it’s totally up to you to decide.

The water level indicator does not really show how much water has been poured in the water reservoir which kind of keeps the consumer worried whether the water he/she has poured is enough or less.

Kitchen Aid Coffee Maker KCM0802 [Review]
Kitchen Aid Coffee Maker KCM0802 [Review]

Final review on kitchen aid kcm0802:

This is an SCAA certified coffee maker with reliability and with fewer complications. Consumers little bit complained about the design although it’s a good looking coffee maker and is available in three other colors as the other SCAA certified are only available in one color, this coffee maker‘s body is mostly made up of plastic except for the filter basket holder which is steel. Consumers wanted to see more of stainless steel but it’s just not there which I don’t think is a huge downside. It costs around 119 $ on Amazon.

Overall-Rating: 4.2/5


  • SCAA certified.
  • Cup size selector.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to clean.


  • The glass carafe is fragile.
  • The water level isn’t visible much.
  • The water reservoir is tiny and spills out water.
  • Brew period is a little bit longer.

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