35 Most Stunning Types of Purple Flower Plants

“Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower”- Hans Christian Andersen.

Flowers are a symbol of love, sweetness, and harmony. A little gift of flowers from you to someone can make his/her day a little less boring and give more life. For decades, flowers have been doing their magic everywhere; it can be in your homes, offices, kitchen gardens, just gardens and not to forget the lovely hearts of yours.

80% of the beauty of the world is because of these pretty flowers that you see around every day. It just gives that morning glow to you that you need while going to work. Flowers make brides look beautiful, they make your garden life-full and most importantly their fragrance is what you love the most. I know I certainly do.

Flowers are in doubt one of the most beautiful creations of God; they can definitely put a smile on sad faces. There are so many flower types around us and so many of us to choose from.

Today we are hitting the subject of “Purple Flower Plants”. Purple is the color combination of blue and red. Imagine a purple flower plant right now! Oh my gosh. It’s just so beautiful J and we all know what is famous for purple flower plants; they are a sign of royalty and ceremony, it shows dignity, pride, and success. A purple flower plant depicts accomplishment.

Now we have compiled the most stunning 40 purple flower plants in the world. From their names to their uses, we have listed everything here! No need to go anywhere else. These flowers can become a part of your garden and make your garden looks purple-y or you can also use them in weddings or any other occasion. Like if you’re trying to make your girlfriend mood nice then take any of the flowers from below and she’d be happy as hell J some of these flowers are medically used to so don’t give those to your girlfriend!

Let the flower show begin!

List of 35 Types of Purple Flower Plants


These are navy blue hooded flowers that grow in the mid to late summer.

Scientific Name: Aconitum

Other Names: Wolf’s bane, Monkshood, Blue rocket.

Uses: Aconitum napellus and Aconitum Carmichaels are used in medicines. It is toxic to humans and plants so surely you can’t give this to your girlfriend.

Alpine Betony:

This is a clump-forming perennial that blooms in the late spring or early summer.

Scientific Name: Stachysmonieri ‘Hummelo’

Other names:

Uses: it can be used in your garden. The texture of this plant is medium and that’s why it’ll blend really nicely in your garden.


Aster is a long circular-shaped purple flower with a yellow center that you can find in North America and Southern Europe.

Scientific Name: Asteraceae

Other names: Starworts, Michaelmas Daisies, or Frost Flowers.

Uses: These are mostly used as food plants and are a prime target for birds, bees and butterflies.

Autumn Gentian

This flower is a five-petal flower that blooms between July and September.

Scientific Name: Gentianellaamarella

Other names: Felwort, Northern Gentian.

Uses: In the past, it has been used to treat malaria but nowadays it used in alcoholic drinks as a bitter ingredient.

Bell heather

It is a dark purple-pink flower that is bell-shaped and appears between July and September.

Scientific Name: Erica cinerea

Other names: –

Uses: It has been used extensively in various ways over the centuries as bedding material for both livestock and people.

Butterfly bush

35 Most Stunning Purple Flower Plants - WikiJunkie

Scientific Name: Buddleja

Other names:   –

Uses: its best use is in the garden. It will make your garden look spectacular.

Calla Lilly

35 Most Stunning Purple Flower Plants - WikiJunkie

Scientific Name: Zantedeschiaaethiopica

Other names: –              –

Uses: This is the flower you should be giving your girlfriend! This has medicinal uses too and their bouquets can be seen often.


This is a straight, long and stiff plant. It blooms in summer.

35 Most Stunning Purple Flower Plants - WikiJunkie

Scientific Name: Iberis

Other names:                 –

Uses: It is great for a rock garden. Its medical uses include treating asthma, bronchitis, and dropsy.

Cattleya orchid

35 Most Stunning Purple Flower Plants - WikiJunkie

Scientific Name: Cattleya

Other names: Common orchid

Uses: This is an amazing flower that can be used at weddings. It would look absolutely fabulous on weddings and it can also be used as a corsage.

Allium schoenoprasum

35 Most Stunning Purple Flower Plants - WikiJunkie

Scientific Name: Allium schoenoprasum

Other names: Onion Chives

Uses: Chives as a flowering plant can be used to protect other plants from mildew. Just chop some chives, boil chives and water mixture for several minutes and put them into a spray bottle. Chives are used in beverages like martini and bloody marys.

Concord grapes

It is a three-petaled flower and has a purplish-blue color with yellow center beads.

Scientific name: Tradescantia

Other names: Spiderwort

Uses: This can be seen in rock gardens.


Blooming season is summer and fall.

35 Most Stunning Purple Flower Plants - WikiJunkie

Scientific name: Cosmos

Other names: Cosmos

Uses: Cosmos oil can be used as an ointment and had a traditional use in Mexico for treating malaria.


Blooming season is fall and winter.

35 Most Stunning Purple Flower Plants - WikiJunkie

Scientific name: Cyclamen persicum

Other names: Persian violet, Sowbread

Uses: The root and the underground stem is used in medicines.

Daphne (fragrance)

This is one of the most fragrant flowers which come in late winter. It is native to Europe, Asia, and North Africa.

35 Most Stunning Purple Flower Plants - WikiJunkie

Scientific name: Daphne

Other names: –

Uses: It is a must-have in your garden. It’s so pretty and will give your garden that elegant and sophisticated look. But it’s toxic too so handle with care.


Delphinium blossoms in cool moist summers

Scientific name: Delphinium

Other names: larkspur

Uses: Delphinium is a gardener’s favorite and can be mostly used in cutting gardens. These can be poisonous so care is needed.


Scientific name: Dianthus

Other names:         –

Uses Garden uses and floristry.

Dinner Plate Dahlia

The blooming season for this flower is mid-summer to fall.

Scientific name: Dahlia

Other names: Dahlia Decorative

Uses:            –


Blooming season is spring and summer.

Scientific name: Digitalis

Other names: Fairy Fingers, Fairy Gloves, Floppy Dock

Uses: This is mostly used to treat congestive heart failure. It can also increase blood flow through your body.


Fragrant Orchid

These blossoms in summer!

Scientific name: Gymnadeniaconopsea

Other names: Lady of the Night

Uses: As the name tells, it can be used in perfumes.



A beautiful purplish-red flower!

Scientific name: Fuchsia magellanica

Other names: Lady’s EardropsMagical Gold

Uses: It is acidic so it’s supposed to be used in small quantities in culinary. These are used is in salads.


It is a pink-purple flower that represents the color of the heliotrope flower.

Scientific name: Heliotropium

Other names:         –

Uses: This is a completely safe to use a flower. It is used to treat tumors, inflammations, etc.



Scientific name: Iris

Other names: German Iris, Bearded Iris

Uses: This is used greatly in perfumes because of its great aromatic smell. Sometimes its juice is used to treat freckles.



One of my personal favorite and is perfect for weddings in October.

Scientific name: Lavandula

Other names:         –

Uses: Lavender has an amazing fragrance which is why it is used as a perfume. Lavender oil can be used for soothing aching muscles, acne, cuts and wound and much more.


Lilac is the flower that bursts bloom in every spring.

Scientific name: Syringa vulgaris

Other names: Common Lilac

Uses: It was used medicinally as oil which helped in eliminating intestinal worms.



These flowers are an oval-shaped flower. They are very soft and should be handled with delicacy.

Scientific name: Eustoma

Other names: Texas bluebell, prairie gentian, tulip gentian

Uses: These are perfect if you want to give your girlfriend or wife. It is the flower that serves the purpose of “romantic gesture”. These are the ideal wedding flowers.


This flower can be found in the eastern United States.

Scientific name: Lobelia erinus, Lobelia inflata

Other names:         –

Uses: This can be used for ornamental purposes. It can be used in treating respiratory and muscle disorders.


Scientific name: Lupinus

Other names: Lupin

Uses: Lupin beans are basically used in cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine.


Perennial germanium

These are little flowers that stay in one garden for long.

Scientific name: Perennial germanium

Other names: Hardy germanium

Uses:It is used for fragrance.


The blooming season for this flower is from mid-spring through late fall.

Scientific name: Petunia

Other names: –

Uses: It has a sweet fragrant so it can be used in perfumes.

Purple basil

Scientific name: Ocimumbasilicum

Other names:

Uses: It can be used in both culinary and garden.


Purple Hydrangea

This flower has a head like pom-poms.

Scientific name: Hydrangea

Other names: Bigleaf hydrangea

Uses: The medicinal use requires the stem and the underground of this plant. It can be used to treat urinary tract infections such as kidney stones. Other than this, this is also used in making bouquets.

Purple Moonflower

This closed mouth flower is an import from India and Southeast Asia.

Scientific name: Ipomoea turbinata

Other names:Lilac bell, purple moonvine and purple morning glory

Uses:It is one of the romantic flowers that you can have in your garden.


Purple rose

Scientific name: Rosa

Other names:         –

Uses: Best for gifts and ornamental purpose. 

Purple tulips

It is native to Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Scientific name:Tulipagesneriana

Other names:         –

Uses: It can be used in perfumes because of its strong fragrance. They are also ideal for bouquets and wedding season.

Violet gloxinia

Violet Gloxinia flowers are shaped like small bells.

Scientific name: Gloxinia

Other names:         –

Uses: Can be used in bouquets, ornamental purposes.

That is all for today guys. These were according to us most beautiful purple flowers you can find out there. Come back for more. Have a great day and make someone smile with a flower today. J

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