Natural Treatment to Stimulate the Thyroid ( An Easy Guide to Read )

Recognizing Thyroid Problems

My sister was constantly in such a state of fatigue that she could hardly function. She made an appointment with her doctor who ordered a blood test to help her diagnose her problem. When the doctor obtained the results, he assured him that the tests concerning his thyroid gland and all the rest were normal. Because she had three young children, he encouraged her to rest more. But she had the permanent impression of having to sleep for 24 hours in a row.

In fact, that’s exactly what happened! After sleeping for 24 hours, her husband insisted that they consult with another doctor.

Fortunately, the new doctor recognized his symptoms and prescribed a natural medicine to balance the thyroid and this completely changed his life: in a very short time all his symptoms (except his white hair) disappeared, including fatigue.

Did you know that low thyroid level can make you fat, even if you have not changed your eating habits? Or go permanently chilly while those around you feel no sensation of cold.

Every time I suggested to friends that they might have a thyroid problem too low, they immediately reply: “At my last physical check-up, the doctor said my thyroid was normal.” That’s why I wish Share my sister’s story.

Have you experienced any or all of the following symptoms?

  • 1. Have you gained weight and are unable to lose your pounds in spite of many unsuccessful attempts?
  • 2. Do you lose your hair or have they lost their shine, have become brittle or prematurely gray or even white?
  • 3. Do you have frequent problems with constipation?
  • 4. Have you been depressed for no apparent reason? All these symptoms are indicative of a weak thyroid function.
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Why does a test show “Normal” despite these symptoms?

The simple reason for this is that levels of thyroid hormones dosed in the blood do not tell it all. Thyroid which is present in the blood may not be in a usable form in the cells, so that the dosage is not representative.

There is another test that is much more accurate than the blood test and that can even be done at home.

Simple temperature test, it was developed several years ago by Dr. Broda Barnes, who dedicated his life to studying the thyroid gland and its effects on the heart and as a result of his research, wrote the book, the ‘hypothyroidism:. The unsuspected disease “: this book is always a classic on the subject and explains its method.

If your doctor thinks you have thyroid insufficiency it will most commonly prescribe you prescribed thyroid hormone synthesis.

However, Dr. Stephen Langer, a leading expert on the thyroid gland, explains in his book, “The Enigma of the disease resolved,” that only a natural product is actually able to act on the input required in thyroid cells. This false thyroid hormone is expensive while there are natural products that will stimulate your thyroid gland to produce more.

I would strongly encourage you not to ignore your symptoms and you learn about these natural treatments cheaper and healthier.

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