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Let’s see together in this tutorial how can we read deleted messages on whatsapp even if the sender did not want you to see it either because he made a mistake or because he wrote things that he regrets after, either, either, be … Since the last update of Whatsapp, it now allows you to Delete Sent Messages within 7 minutes . Thus, after sending a message on Whatsapp, you the sender has the ability to remove it from two sides before 7 minutes, exceeding these 7 minutes, he can not redeem himself. But I admit that it hurts when you have a notification of a deleted message, we want to know what was in the message to be deleted. That’s why I had also been looking for a solution that will allow me to Read Deleted Messages on Whatsapp .


As this feature that could probably allow people to read deleted messages on Whatsapp is not present in the official app and even in modified applications of Whatsapp including GBWhatsapp or Whatsapp Plus , I searched elsewhere and found an application so beautiful that allows to Read Deleted Messages on Whatsapp . The application in question is called TimeLine, which you can download for free from Play Store and even from other Android application download platforms. Here is the download link before continuing with the tutorial:

Download TimeLine

TIMELINE APK: HOW DOES IT WORK? Here’s how this app works:

  1. When you have a new notification in your smartphone, Timeline records it right after it’s received.
  2. When you need to read your notifications, you can simply open Timeline and read all your notifications including the message your correspondent has deleted.
  3. Even if your contact ends up deleting the message, it will still be available in the Timeline app.

Have you understood how Timeline works to allow you to read deleted messages on Whatsapp? Ok tell us now what you think in the comments.

Read Deleted Messages on Whatsapp 100% Working Trick
Read Deleted Messages on Whatsapp 100% Working Trick

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