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9 Quick and Easy Remedies Against a Runny Nose

Having a runny nose is not very pleasant feelings. Not only is it unpleasant but also very irritating to our weak nose. This runny nose is not only irritating to ourselves, but the people around us are also not feeling good due to this disease. Many remedies can cure runny nose

Here’s how to stop a runny nose and breathe the fresh air without the obstruction.

1. Clean with saline water

As it is possible that a runny nose is due to infection, wash the nose with saline available in pharmacies or homemade. To do this, take a portion of water boiled with a salt part. This natural remedy will help get rid of the infection and to end the inconvenience of a runny nose. This trick is also handy to unclog the nose.



2. Take an Antihistamine drug

If runny nose is caused by an allergy such as fever, use of an antihistamine drug such as Chlor-Tripolon, which could stop the fast flowing runny nose immediately.



3. Homeopathy to stop a runny nose

Homeopathic granules like those of Allium Cepa used three to four times a day will slow massively runny nose without you ingest chemicals.

4. Ointment Homeoplasmine against runny noses

Place an amount the size of a small pea Homeoplasmine ointment in the nose at night before going to bed will help you breathe better at night and you avoid having to get up periodically to your nose runny nose


5. Stop a runny nose with inhalations

A few drops of essential oil of thyme, eucalyptus or rosemary in a bowl of warm water, above which you will place your head covered with a towel, and you breathe inhalations quickly unlock your nostrils. Will do more than blow your nose and put a runny nose paused for a few hours


6. Bring an onion under her pillow

Do not laugh especially, put a chopped onion under the pillow before going to bed, dry nose and put a hard stop the runny nose. So what to do with a runny nose? Only use the benefits of an onion. It’s a simple, free and natural as a remedy against a runny nose



7. A prescription to stop a runny nose

If a medical condition causes runny nose, see your doctor who will prescribe the medication necessary for treatment of your illness and therefore will end your runny nose once and for all.



8. Try a nonprescription drug

There are some OTC drugs in pharmacies for stopping runny including Dristan. Use according to the dosage to breathe comfortably for a few hours. Do not abuse it, however, to avoid the rebound effect stuffy nose.



9. Eat manganese tablets

Take manganese tablets because they will help you to prevent the syndrome of a runny nose. You can seek the medical advice or a prescription from a natural products specialist who know well about the benefits of manganese capsules against a runny nose

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