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Runny Nose & Pregnancy: Top 10 Remedies for Pregnant Women

Runny noses and pregnancies are generally not the best friends in the world. You have caught a cold and you are pregnant? Do not panic, here is a list of home remedies, natural and safe to cure a runny nose during pregnancy.

1. Sleep with the inclined head

Sleeping with the inclined head allows for better breathing

Sleeping much is an essential thing to do during pregnancy. However, with the nose blocked, it is sometimes not easy to spend good nights.

How it works

Sleeping with your head as well as the slightly tilted upper body makes it easier to drain the sinuses and help you breathe better

In practice

  • Use multiple cushions to raise your head
  • If your head is too vertical, you can roll a towel and slide it under your mattress so that the slope is softer


2. Saline drops and sprays

Saline drops and spraysWhen you have a stuffy nose during your pregnancy, and your nasal discharge is not correct, the best thing to do is to use non-drug treatments.

How it works

The simple combination of salt and water slims and loosens the mucus of the nasal passages, especially dry mucus, and also helps to soothe inflamed tissues.

In practice

  • Two sprays or saline drops work as well
  • If you buy a commercial spray, take a recognized brand, and make sure it contains only water and salt as the main ingredients

3. The chest balm

The menthol balm helps relieve the symptoms of coldsA little mint based ointment on your chest, your times and under the nose can relieve the symptoms of a runny nose for pregnant women

How it works

The soothing vapors released by mint as you apply it to the chest, open the air passages of the body allowing the blood vessels to expand.

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4. Saltwater Gargarisms

Salt water gargles soothe sore throatIf you have a sore throat and you are pregnant, you can prepare a salt water gargle very simply as follows.

How it works

Salt in the water attracts mucus, reduces painful inflammation and soothes the sensation of itching or irritation that often accompanies a sore throat.

In practice

  • Dissolve 1/4 teaspoon of salt in 250ml of warm water
  • Gargle during the day when the need arises


Pay attention to the water temperature: do not take too hot water, or you may burn your throat.

5. The nasal strips

Nasal strips release repsiratory pathwaysThese are adhesive tabs that are placed on the nose and act to clear the congested airways.

In practice

  • Apply a nasal strip before sleeping according to the manufacturer’s instructions

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6. Stay Hydrated

Make sure you stay hydrated enough during your pregnancy. You can drink water and other equally beneficial fluids like tea, water with lemon, sparkling mineral water or organic fruit juices.

How it works

The liquid intake is very important for pregnant women because it helps maintain a high blood volume in the body.

In practice

  • Drink all day without waiting for thirst

7. This soothing drink

This drink is effective for treating colds in pregnant womenHot water mixed with honey and lemon juice is a traditional remedy that offers real relief of symptoms and helps to cure colds, even for pregnant women.

How it works

Lemon juice helps eliminate toxins from your body, while honey acts as an antiseptic and helps to soothe sore throat

In practice

  • Dissolve a spoonful of honey and juice of half a lemon in a glass of warm water
  • Drink 3 times daily if necessary

8. Air Humidifier

An air humidifier helps pregnant women sleep betterIf a cough or a well congested nose prevent you from sleeping at night, you should invest in an air humidifier that will allow you to breathe better.

How it works

The humidity of the air will allow to loosen the mucus of the lungs and to open the nasal passages to breathe more easily, and thus to rest better.

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9. Fresh and pure air

It is important to breathe good quality air when you are pregnant and have a cold

It is important to breathe good quality air when you are pregnant and have a runny nose
A good idea, which you can apply whether you are sick or not, is to stay away from the smoke.

How it works

Cigarette smoke and even pollution will simply worsen the symptoms of colds in pregnant women (and not just for that matter).
The cold already causes bronchial irritation, which will be amplified if you breathe poor air quality.

10. Chicken soup

Chicken soup is a grandmother’s cure to formidable efficacyThe reputation of chicken soup is so well recognized that there is even a team of researchers who have looked at their case to understand where these healing powers came from.

How it works

Whether it is the steam, the aroma of hot chicken soup, the nutritional combination of chicken or even broth, chicken soup helps to cure a runny nose and to feel real relief even in pregnant women.
Even if you are sick, cooking is the last thing you want to do, you have to motivate yourself because this homemade chicken soup could alleviate your symptoms faster than you think.

In practice

Here’s a video that just tells you how to make a good chicken soup:

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