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How to Stop a Cold in 3 Simple Steps

If you already apprehend a runny nose, sore throat and sneezing, or you’re already cold, it is possible to stop the infection in a few simple gestures to stop a cold fast.

Every winter it’s the same refrain. It is covered with a coat, scarf, hat and gloves and inevitably, after a while, it starts sniffing and wanting to blow his nose. Whatever we do, we end up catching a cold, because this infection is highly contagious. Although it is gentle, it is still very restrictive.

How to avoid catching a cold to stop a cold?

In winter, our immune system tends to fall. To prevent disease, we must be especially vigilant at this time of year. To maintain our immune system at an optimum level, consider washing your hands regularly to remove bacteria. Then feel free to take a magnesium cure to boost your immune system. And to replenish vitamin C, go for fruits: oranges, kiwi, and bananas to stop a cold.

1. Essential oils

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There are other essential oils as eucalyptus to reduce the symptoms of a cold. Ravintsara is the antiviral essential oil of choice. At the first signs of cold, use essential oil in your dishes. Another essential oil that helps fights colds is tea tree. It has antibacterial and antiviral qualities to stop a cold fast. It will be from sore throats due to colds and makes breathing through the mouth.

2. Inhale the solution

If ever you are suffering from colds, there are several tricks to get rid of it quickly. First, start by cleaning the airways. The goal is to remove the stuffy nose causing the discomfort in breathing.

Inhalations remain one of the most straightforward and effective methods against the common cold. Pour boiled water into a bowl; add sea salt and essential oils, such as eucalyptus oil which has anti-infective properties. You can let the mixture evaporate in a room, to purify the air and then put yourself in the bowl and inhale the vapors for 5 to 10 minutes. However, pay attention to eye irritation and face.

3. Drink herbal teas if you have a cold

It is the best time to think about concocts herbal teas. Thyme that will help you relieves all cold symptoms namely runny nose, sore throat, aches, and even flu symptoms. To make a tea with thyme, only boiled the water thyme for 5 to 6 minutes. Filter its branches then add in your tea with lemon and honey. These two foods are also antiseptic and reduce irritation of the throat. Ginger can help your body to boost the energy. It can be consumed as a tea. To do this, cut, thin slices of ginger that you have in a cup, then pour boiling water over. Strain the tea and add honey

So try these tips to cure your runny nose relief, one more point that you can practice in your kitchen. By cutting an onion your eyes will sting, but, as surprising as it may seem, the onion has anti-inflammatory properties. To stop a cold, cut it in half and place it on your nightstand. Breathing the whole night, will clear your airways and lead your nose.

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