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How to Stop a Runny Nose Naturally

One of the most irritating symptoms of cold a running nose that could severely hinder your ability to carry out daily tasks. The constant flow of mucus is a constant distraction and drains energy also. We give you five best and simple home remedies that you could use on the run.

1. Take plenty of fluids

Water keeps you hydrated and makes the mucus thinner. Consume plenty of water as well as other juices but avoid caffeinated beverages as they dehydrate your nasal passages. Drinking hot fluids or hot water can help you in breaking up nasal congestion by soothing your nasal passages. Since you don’t like hot water, you can take green tea or soup of your choice which are great alternatives.

Similarly, if your runny nose is suffered from a stinging throat, you may take half a glass of hot water mixed with one teaspoon of lemon juice and two tablespoons of honey. You may drink this solution twice or thrice a day.

2. Ginger tea

Drinking a mug of hot ginger tea twice a day by adding up some honey is a super home remedy for a runny nose. Ginger has many fantastic health and medicinal values. It is rich in minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, etc. ginger has got many natural compounds such as antifungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, etc. it also contains vitamin B, C, and D. This is enough for stop a runny nose.

3. Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil is extracted from the distillation of its leaves. This tree leaves have an unyielding fragrance and some industrial uses, but here we can add this oil to stop a runny nose. Using Eucalyptus oil also does a whole load of good, just add a few drops of Eucalyptus oil or camphor to your tissue paper or handkerchief and keep sniffing into it as often as possible. You can also rub a small amount of Eucalyptus oil onto your chest, neck and back; this will help you in getting rid of the cold and runny nose.

4. Inhale steam

Inhalation of vapors rising from hot water can ease the running nose. Adding a little Vicks Vapor Rub to the hot water can make this process more efficient. You can use a vaporizer for this method. What you have to do is, take a pot full of hot water and put a towel over your head and inhale in the steam. But be very careful with this method since the hot steam can burn your skin or leave burn marks over there. Make sure that you take a break after few minutes and don’t get too close, so as to cause facial injuries. You may also add apple cider or any essential oil to the water for a more soothing effect.

5. Mustard oil

Mustard oil should be heated slightly, and some drops put into each nostril with a dropper. Now wait for few minutes then blow your nose for clean it up. You may repeat this process thrice a day that will eventually stop a runny nose and its symptoms. Make sure that the oil doesn’t get too hot as it might injure the delicate nasal lining.

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