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10 Tips to Stop Bleeding From the Nose

Do you get bleeding from the nose?

Nosebleed is never something pleasant, but it is fortunately practically never dangerous. This is something that can happen anytime without warning and there are some little tricks you can do to properly treat this nosebleed.

So here are some tips to stop bleeding from the nose .

1. Using cold

Cold contracts blood vessels and reduces blood flow. So it is a good way to stop bleeding from the nose that to apply a compress of cold water or a bag of ice on his nose.

2. Sit and relax

If you bleed from the nose, do not panic! Sit calmly and stay relaxed. Take deep breaths and keep your ideas clear.

3. Lower head forward

If you cannot lower your head backwards, you can lower it to the front to let the blood flow so that it does not clog your nostrils.

4. Remove blood clots from your nose

You can if you want to, start by blowing yourself gently to evacuate blood clots. This will make it less thick in your nostrils and you will breathe better.

5. Wait for blood coagulation

If you continue to bleed from the nose, you can pinch your nostrils for 10 minutes to allow blood to clot. This is also a good time to place a little cold on your nose.

6. Do not tilt your head backwards

If you do this, the blood will flow down your throat and it will not be better. Avoid placing your head back when you are bleeding from the nose.

7. Do not insert cotton swab into your nostrils

It would be best to use coagulant locks that you will find in all good pharmacies. If you are used to bleeding from the nose, be sure to always have it at hand at home.

8. Rest after bleeding has finished

Once you have stopped bleeding from the nose, it is important to stay quiet for at least an hour to prevent bleeding. Lie down and relax while taking good breaths.

9. Reassuring children

If it is a child bleeding from the nose, it may cause panic. It will therefore be important to explain to him calmly that it is not dangerous and to reassure him to the maximum. Then, do the same steps described above.

10. Consult a physician

If you start to have big dizziness or nausea and bleeding are more abundant, it is important to consult a doctor.

10 Tips to Stop Bleeding from the Nose

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