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Stopping a Nasal Discharge without Medication: Doctor Prescription

he runny nose can be the effect of allergens, a disease such as a cold or flu, or the way your body eliminates irritants like dust or pollen.

The nasal discharge is not insignificant.

If this persists, consider consulting a doctor as soon as possible.

Use nettles to soothe the flow of your nose

It is proven that nettles are particularly effective in relieving inflammation of the nasal passages, congestion and itching in the nose. In fact, these are all things that lead to sneezing, which in turn lead to the flow of the nose. You can concoct an herbal tea with nettles by boiling it in water. However, it is more convenient to use nettles supplements found in natural food stores.

Change your diet!

We advise you to incorporate certain natural foods into your diet as these will help you reduce your sneezing. The goal is to reduce the amount of histamine absorbed by your body, as this is what causes the nasal discharge. Among these foods is orange juice (or juice from any other citrus fruit such as grapefruit juice). Also, eat light! Indeed, it is not necessary to put on chocolate fondants until you get back on your feet!

Clean your nasal passages with saline

Follow this very effective grandmother recipe: Mix a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water. Put some of this mixture in a dropper. Tilt your head back, put a few drops in your nose, and then breathe deeply. The salt water solution will irrigate your nasal passages. Repeat several times to thoroughly clean your nose.

Harness the benefits of ginger root

Chew a small piece of ginger root and swallow the juice you extract from the root with your teeth. This remedy helps increase blood circulation and reduces the amount of mucus. Repeat the process three to four times a day to stop the flow of your nose.

Stopping a Nasal Discharge without Medication: Doctor Prescription
Stopping a Nasal Discharge without Medication: Doctor Prescription

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