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Super-Foods to Help Us Get Through The Winter

There are not only drugs in life! Discover quickly 6 foods that want us well. Unusual or trivial, they take care of our health…

“Let your food be your medicine!” “Hippocrates was right: our kitchen is a veritable medicine cabinet. While some natural products can send emergency (we obviously think some mushrooms …), others do not want us as well: the “superfood” now back in fashion, to our delight!

Spinach, chamomile, sauerkraut … Some of these star-foods are well known to the public. Their advantages? Inexpensive, they can be cooked in a thousand different ways without ever getting tired. We still prefer to buy fresh (canned, their nutritional qualities are somewhat diminished) and eat them raw or steamed, to preserve all their health properties.

Others, such as hemp seed, spirulina or lithotamium (an alga) are much less common. They are bought on the internet or in specialized shops, in powder or capsules. In the kitchen, they are mainly used for seasoning. Exceptional products that are not so expensive and that win to be discovered!

Sauerkraut: to boost the mind

A study published in August 2015 in the journal Psychiatry Research explains that there is a link between the consumption of fermented products and the reduction of anxiety among those who tend to stress. These foods would act on the intestinal-brain couple via their re-balancing action of the intestinal flora. Even if these results have to be confirmed, continue yoghurt and think more often of sauerkraut!

The algae: anti-deficiencies

Concentrated in micro-nutrients, the “vegetables of the sea” catch the blow when avoiding certain foods. For small dairy consumers: 1 tsp. To c. Of lithotamic powder (to be sprinkled in salads) = 50% of the recommended daily calcium intake (CQA). For those who do not eat meat, 1.5 tbsp. To c. Spirulina powder = 15% iron CQA. For those who hate fish, 2 capsules of shizochytrium oil = 100% of the AQC essential omega 3 DHA; Well also the dulse (to raise the omelets) and the nori (which envelops the makis).

Chamomile: to boost health

According to a 7-year study by researchers at the University of Texas, women who regularly drink chamomile have a better life expectancy. This banal infusion, well known for its soothing and digestive properties, could protect cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and even some cancers. No doubt thanks to its multiple polyphenols with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory virtues. The right dose? 1 to 3 cups a day.

Macadamia nut: anti-cholesterol

This small nut from Australia lowers the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) thanks to its omega 9 fats and phytosterols, which reduce the assimilation of cholesterol in Food. It Can also be consume in the forme of cold pressed oil, alternation in the kitchen with olive oil. 1 small handful of walnuts or 2 tbsp. To s. Of oil per day.

Hemp: to fill up on protein

This small seed contains nearly 30% protein, twice as much as dried vegetables: a bargain for vegetarians. In order to maximize profit, it is mixed with ground or roasted cereals in a muesli or couscous, and is incorporated into the dough of bread or muffins. Bonus, this ultra-complete seed also brings omega 3.

Spinach: natural appetite suppressants

Their “thylakoids” (present in cell membranes) prolong satiety after a meal by decreasing the secretion of ghrelin (the hormone that opens the appetite). According to a study published in the Journal of the American Society of Nutrition in 2015, they reduce in men the attraction for salty dishes and in women the desire for sweets. The good plan? Systematically accompany pasta or potatoes with a few spoonful of spinach.

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