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6 Ways to Find the Fatal Weapon to Treat a Cold Naturally

The Emotional Trail for Treating a Cold

You may have managed to escape the cold this autumn as soon as the cold was felt. It’s not my case. It had been about three years since I had not rushed to the pharmacy to treat a cold.

I was quite proud of my immune system for several years and then these are the symptoms that come out one evening:

Knowing that you have inside your body enough bacteria to kill you, how is it that the immune system barrier lets it pass a sudden?

Are you going to answer me, cooling, humidity and proximity with someone contagious?

That’s what I thought before … I spent my day in a school and I thought to myself that the proximity of the colored children had to be there for something.

Only this time I had not crossed an infected person … and the cold had not settled … so what?

1) Can biological decoding help to treat a cold?

So biological decoding has some excellent ways of thinking that may well be your fatal weapon for curing the common cold.

Rest assured I will give you 5 more if this one is not to your liking!

Bernard Tihon talks about a conflict of stink: you feel assaulted by an intruder (its smell) that comes to our territory.

You close (plug rather)) your nose to no longer feel it and thus find a climate of security.

In general, this type of situation ends in a separation that is seen as something “ugly”.

Was this the right way to treat my cold?

With biological decoding , I therefore investigated going back to 48 hours before the onset of the cold since it is 48H after the inner conflict is resolved that the brain triggers the symptoms.

  • If you have a stuffy nose (and it annoys you at night), you are in the case described rather.
  • If you have a lot of nasal discharge, it is an elegant way to cry without drawing attention to your sadness.
  • If your throat gets irritated, it’s probably also because you have not given yourself the right to speak.

These emotional stresses (e.g., invasion of territory, smell of the intruder, sadness that cannot be shown, words that cannot be said) are one of the biggest factors of temporary impairment of the immune system.

This is why the latter has allowed the responsible bacteria to pass. What is great is that, depending on the symptoms, you can even decode what has most affected you!

Surprisingly for me, I did not have a stuffy nose (when before it was my daily bread of winter) … in addition to the nasal discharge.

So it seemed, in my case of the moment, a deep sadness impossible to express with a background of sore throat because I had not been able to say.

One of the magical consequences of Ho’oponopono

I quickly found the event in question … an exchange of emails where it had not been possible to speak frankly.

I had done Ho’oponopono immediately, I think that’s why I did not consider the other as a nauseous intruder (which allowed me not to have a stuffy nose!)

On the other hand, I had a background of sadness that the cold allowed me to evacuate by admitting that I am aware of it! This is the whole thing, you cannot get rid of something you are not aware of!

I have tested some of the miraculous remedies that I listed below. My cold was already much better.

It was by talking with a friend that I was able to taste the fruit of the Ho’oponopono which I had not ceased to do during all the cold.

I explain my story to her, and she replies: “You know, in Non Violent Communication we name her emotion and unfulfilled need.

I replied: “but I named my need, except that it is a client so I did not have to name my emotion.”

She repeats “yes but in CNV we name her emotion …

I was going to say “yes but in therapy, we do not charge the client with his own emotions” but I did not have time.

The obviousness then overwhelmed me: I did not give myself the right to name my sadness!

I was identified with the therapist who must remain neutral in front of his own emotions whereas it is the woman in me who should have named her emotion!

Revelation! My cold stopped short, just after feeling the sadness associated with revelation.

I am not saying that you should not take medicines or not to consult but if you want the remedies to work, it is good to free yourself from the emotional charge partly responsible for the symptom…

The one that, in fact, generated stress and therefore lowered the immune barrier that allowed the bacteria to pass.

It was crystal clear. The cold gave place to a great clarity of mind and Ho’oponopono gave place to a feeling of gratitude for the situation and the person in question.

It was almost the happiness of being sick!

That said, here are 5 other effective remedies, the time you find the emotional source of your cold in the 48 hours that preceded the 1st sneeze!

2 °) the green clay to cure a cold

I know nothing better than the green clay to treat a cold but also dozens of other bobos.

Lately, a friend reminded me of her benefits to take care of one of the (many) little barzois from the reach of Henya (our Borzoi greyhound).

Since the latter had to undergo a postpartum operation and is still under antibiotics, it is the young who have had to see their altered milk and one especially (Kundun, yes it is the year of the K) had stomach cramps;

It was enough of a little clay in the water that the mother drinks and everything is back in order. It is necessary to know that the clay is:

  • antiseptic
  • Bactericidal
  • Soothing

It allows, among other things:

  • To eliminate toxins
  • To absorb gas
  • To heal quickly

For all these good reasons, animals continue to take mud (clay) baths to heal their wounds.

You can also use it to speed up the healing and cure a cold.

Instructions: You are going to need:

  • Of a bowl
  • Clay (2 teaspoons coffee)
  • Of warm water (mineral or boiled)
  • Half a teaspoon of salt (big or thin)
  • A pipette, a drop count or a “neti” pot.

(The Neti pot is a ceramic or clay container, even plastic, it is easily found on the web for a few euros that you will not regret.)

  1. Pour into a glass or bowl 2 teaspoons of clay, warm water and half a teaspoon of coarse salt.
  2. Mix the green clay solution, and pour it into the pipette or neti.
  3. Above the sink or in your garden, bend the bust horizontally with the head turned to the side and insert the pipette or the loop of the neti into the highest nostril.
  4. Push the pipette once or twice or simply pour the liquid into the nostril so that it comes out through the lower nostril.The saline solution must circulate from one nostril to the other. This is not always nice but is what your cold is?
  5. After this gesture blow strongly through the nostrils to eliminate the leftover liquid.
  6. Then turn the head on the other side and proceed in the same way for the other nostril: the clay-based solution must always be administered in the upper nostril
    6 Ways to Find the Fatal Weapon to Treat a Cold Naturally
    6 Ways to Find the Fatal Weapon to Treat a Cold Naturally

3 °) make an infusion of elder flowers to cure a cold

You can consume fresh or dried flowers. Brew two teaspoons of dried elderflowers in warm water and you can quickly enjoy their virtues

  • Antivirals
  • Anti-inflammatory,
  • Anti-histamines, (allergies)
  • Anti-rheumatic
  • Antioxidants

Which will allow you to quickly come to grips with your cold.

4 °) Use essential oils to treat a cold

For the stuffy nose

Use the essential oil of niaouli. Pour a few drops of oil on a handkerchief and breathe it several times a day.

You can also pour a few drops into a hot steaming bowl to make an inhalation with a terry towel over your head.

To stop a cold

Use a drop of eucalyptus radiata in a spoon of honey and let it melt under the tongue.

You can also apply a drop on the skin at the level of the sinuses by massaging in a circular way;

For the nose that runny nose

Use Ravinsara by massaging the lymph nodes under the jaws and behind the ears.

You can also soak a handkerchief and breathe it in the day. Knowing that sugar feeds the cold, I do not advise you to put a drop on a sugar!

5 °) Salt water to cure a cold

You can use salt water (available for children too) as a spray in nasal solution.

You can also gargle with warm water very salty (3 tablespoons for a glass of hot water.

6 °) The Dien’Chan ‘ to cure a cold

I refer you to an article that I wrote a few years ago but whose effectiveness is terrible especially when the cold is at its very beginning.

Massage vigorously around the wings of the nose with your two index fingers from top to bottom on each side of the nose as shown in the photo. Then do the same under the nostrils

You can find the full article on Dien’Chan facial reflexology here .

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