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10 Tips to Treat Colds in Children

Your child has a big cold?

Children regularly get colds. And of course, the same ways of relieving them will not necessarily be used for adults.

If your child has a cold and you want him to feel better by looking after him, here are some tips.

Here are 10 tips to treat colds in a children

Avoid cold medications

Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, avoid giving your child a cold medicine if he or she is under 6 years of age.

Rest and fluid for your child

If your child has a cold, install it comfortably and have plenty of fluids and nutritious meals.

Give acetaminophen to treat cold

If your child has a fever, you can give him or her acetaminophen or ibuprofen if he or she is over 6 months old. Follow the dosage carefully.

Give cough syrup

For children over 6 years, you could give cough syrup at least for the night, but only if coughing too much. Cough is good for cleansing the bronchi. So give your child such a syrup in case of extreme need if he can no longer sleep.

10 Tips to Treat Colds in Children
10 Tips to Treat Colds in Children

Unclog your nose

If your child is baby or very small, you can remove the mucus it has in the nose with a pear. Otherwise, you can also use saline solution in drops or spray.

Give Vitamins against Cold

Give your child good vitamins in the form of tablets or squarely with good fruit or fresh fruit juices. It can also help recover from a nasty flu.

Turn on a humidifier for better breathing

If the air is too dry, it will not be good for your child. Do not hesitate to light a humidifier so that it breathes better.

Do not give antibiotics

Never give an antibiotic to a child to treat a cold. It will not do anything. The cold will leave by itself after a few days.

Seeing a doctor

If the fever is too great or if the sore throat, ears and cough are too intense, go see a doctor with your child.

Give your child a warm bath

If you have a fever, give your child warm baths. Lay him as least dressed as possible and do not hesitate to put a cold towel on his forehead.

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