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Hamilton Beach 46201 Digital Coffee Maker 12-Cups.

Hamilton Beach has always been the brand on which not only Americans, but people of Canada and Mexico can also trust with their eyes closed because; the brand has always been there to cater the needs of their privileged consumers. Hamilton Beach 46201 is for those who want to have their morning cup of coffee without much hassle and at an affordable price.

FEATURES OF Hamilton Beach 46201 Digital Coffee Maker:

The design of this product is very appealing, its mostly stainless steel which gives it an elegant look but the tank is made of plastic. Don’t worry it won’t break too easily. It has a swing-out filter basket which is really cool and now you can easily add your spoons of ground coffee even if it is placed in a kitchen cabinet.

Hamilton Beach has buttons for its every feature. The power on/off button and the program button is accompanied with LED lights with which you can easily see when an operation is being carried out. Then there comes the blue lighted screen which will show you brew strength, time and a thermometer icon for its “keep warm” feature.  It has a removable water reservoir which pleased most of the customers, if the coffee maker is placed where there is no top-shelf and water reservoir can be opened easily then there is no need to remove the water reservoir, just simply pour in your water from the sink.

Say goodbye to coffee spills with this Hamilton Beach coffee maker. The carafe spout has a deeper grove which helps in not spilling the coffee on your clothes, carpet or anywhere else. This feature is rarely found or if to be honest is not found at all in other coffee makers. So this is a big advantage of this coffee maker according to consumers.

Hamilton beach not only gives the ease of removable water reservoir; it is loaded with the other good features of a top-class coffee maker such as; the pause ‘nerve, brew options, and 1-4 cup options. It has an automatic shut off after 2 hours. Lastly, the Hamilton Beach 46201 is wheel based so you can push it around with ease.


Hamilton Beach 46201 Digital Coffee Maker 12-Cups Review
Hamilton Beach 46201 Digital Coffee Maker 12-Cups Review

Final review on Hamilton Beach 46201 Digital Coffee Maker:


Hamilton Beach makes the coffee to your taste and its technology is fun to play with. When we asked the customers who have made this amazing coffeemaker a part of their daily morning routine about their experience with it, they were overall very happy with the product. The thing they loved most about this coffeemaker was the freedom from coffee spills. It costs around 40-50$ on Amazon and is also the bestselling product of Amazon. The links are given down below from where you can but this product.


Overall-Rating: 4.3/5



  • Easy filling with removable water tank.
  • Sleek design.
  • No spilling.
  • Dish-washer safe.


  • Brewing time is longer than 10 minutes.
  • Have to hold the carafe upside down to get the last drop.

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