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Best Chronic Stuffy Nose Remedy to Relieve Runny Nose

Stuffy Nose Remedy

Everyone experiences a stuffy nose from time to time especially when the weather is cold, or due to a sinus infection and when you get one, you immediately start looking for a stuffy nose remedy. A blocked nose is very uncomfortable as it impedes the normal respiratory process resulting in feelings of fatigue, until a stuffy nose remedy is sought. The most convenient and inexpensive way to treat a stuffy nose is through the use of home remedies, which are readily available. For instance, a great cup of herbal tea can go a long way toward clearing up the symptoms, and unblocking a stuffy nose.

Basic stuffy nose remedy

These remedies have been used for a long time and proven to be 100% effective in nasal decongestion. They are simple and inexpensive, yet totally useful.

  • Drink a lot of fluids – water is the best fluid to hydrate your body. This helps in thinning the mucus and speeding up recovery.
  • Salt treatment – get a cup of warm water and put 2 tablespoons of salt in it, then breathe in the steam. This steam will remove secretions and help in getting the mucous out.
  • Hand stand – this is a stuffy nose remedy that requires you to handstand for as long as you can so as to unblock your sinuses. If you cannot handstand then lie on a bed with your waist on the edge and allow your head to be as near to the floor as possible.
  • Get a massage – massage your nose bridge gently using your thumb and index finger; apply a soft up and down stroke on the bridge until you are able to breathe easily.
  • Chicken soup – chicken soup has medicinal value that is a very good stuffy nose remedy. When prepared with garlic and sprinkled with pepper, it is arguably one of the best home remedies for a blocked nose.

With these handy home remedies, nasal decongestion will be simple and fast; you won’t have to be put down by a cold.

Types of Stuffy Nose Remedy

The type of stuffy nose remedy you decide to use depends on the cause and kind of clogging you have. Is it is just an allergy or it is a chronic stuffy nose?

Cortisone-type pills are highly effective for people who have a chronic stuffy nose but they also have side effects. They can cause obesity and osteoporosis. However, cortisone-type nasal sprays are safer than the pills.

Use of a suction device may be helpful. They are available at your local drugstore and the rubber kind are better than the two-piece kind. First squeeze it before placing it inside the nose and make sure that the other nostril is shut when you release the bulb so that more mucus will be sucked out. This stuffy nose remedy is mostly used on babies.

Use nasal saline drops. They have a convenient bottle that features long muzzle to fit the drops perfectly inside your nostrils. Insert a drop into each nostril then massage the side of your nose after administering the saline solution.

Caution when choosing Stuffy Nose Remedy

Your nose is like the passage for your lungs and it filters the air that passes through on its way to the lungs, it massively reduces the amount of dust, pollen, bacteria, virus and any other things that float on the air. Nose breathing reduces temperature extremes for the lungs and makes sure that the air that goes to the lungs is humid, clean and safe. The stuffy nose remedy that you choose should allow you to achieve this end.

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