Coolest and Beautiful Russian Girl Names

Russian Girl Names

Are you looking for Russain Girls Names or Pretty Girls name? These Russian Girl Names have a really charming old-world audio about them and maybe ideal for your little one.

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The European Traditional Cathedral, from middle ages to the release of communism in 1917, had an excellent impact on community. Through the church, many titles with Ancient, Latina and Hebrew roots became well-known, which you’ll see shown in the titles we’ve selected here.

After the Russain Trend, some names, like those associated with team, were frustrated, but some conventional titles stayed well-known.

I’ve hand-picked these Russain Girls Names / Russian Women Names that are both conventional as well as well-known. Maybe you have Russian culture, or just think one of these titles is exclusive and maybe a little different from United states child titles that top the reputation maps.

Russian Girl Names / Pretty Girls Names

  • Albina: This fairly name indicates “white”
  • Amaliya: Significance “industrious,” this name has In german origins
  • Dariya: This well-known European name has Ancient roots
  • Ekaterina: A European edition of Catherine
  • Evelina: This is a fairly, more time edition of the name Eve
  • Inessa: The European way of Agnes
  • Kira: Significance either “a lord” or “the sun,” this name has Ancient roots
  • Lidiya: The European edition of the Ancient name Lydia
  • Mariya: A European edition of Mary
  • Nadya: This is a handle of Nadezhda but is often given as an separate name
  • Oksana: A well-known name, this has Hebrew roots and indicates “praise be to God”
  • Roza: The European way of Rosa
  • Sonya: A way of the name Sofiya, this name is also a well-known separate name
  • Varvara: The European edition of Barbara
  • Zaneta: A awesome European way of the name Janet

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