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Pros and Cons of Sinus Surgery | Nose Specialist

Of course, this is not surprising as some doctors tend to promote procedures which are not exactly necessary and even not always useful simply because they wish to earn more money. But it’s not always the case. In most cases, the patients lack the knowledge to make a proper decision whether or not to have a sinus surgery that might or might not help cope with their sinusitis problem. To help you decide whether sinus surgery is a good idea or if it’s something to be avoided, we will provide you with facts about pros and cons of sinus surgery.

Let’s start with cons. When sinus surgery was invented over 100 years ago to relieve sinus infections symptoms, the procedure was painful, invasive and used to leave the patient with scars, not to mention possible side effects. This was the main reason why people used to avoid this type of procedure. But now in the 21st century, there are numerous modern ways to perform a sinus surgery that is not so evasive. So, what are the reasons that keep people from getting this surgery?

One of the most popular procedures that was invented in the 1950s is called endoscopic sinus surgery. The operation is carried out with an endoscope, which lets the surgeons to take a look inside the sinuses and remove some blockage without the need to cut the skin open. This opened the door for many people to get this kind of surgery, especially because the sinus surgery recovery time was so short. But in reality, however attractive a sinus surgery might look like, there are numerous health risks involved and many side effects might develop.

For example, one of the most common things that happen after a sinus surgery is absolutely nothing. Sounds strange? Think about it – if nothing happens, then there was no effect. That is the point. In most unlucky cases, the sinus surgery has no effect on the chance to get sinus infections symptoms or reduce the pain and the unpleasant feeling. Similarly, various infections might occur in the patient who can make the situation even worse.

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But the good part about the sinus surgery is that for 50 years ago, technology has improved greatly and now doctors do not leave any scars, the side effect risks are minimal, numerous tests are performed before the surgery takes place to increase the chance of success, etc. In other words, a procedure such as endoscopic sinus surgery is not as risky as it was before. Another positive thing about sinus surgery is that there is a chance of completely getting rid of sinus infections symptoms in the future.

But how can one decide whether to have a sinus surgery or not? There are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, if it’s the first time you have sinusitis, such a procedure should be out of the question. A sinus surgery should only be used to treat patients with chronic sinusitis, not acute sinusitis. Secondly, before you go on with this procedure, make sure you tried the traditional treatment methods as well as natural home remedies first. All non-invasive procedures should be performed first before doing any surgery.

Also, if you doctor says you need a sinus surgery, ask for the second opinion. There is still a possibility your doctor is using this to pay his bills. And last but not least, make entirely sure that the symptoms you experience are in fact sinus infections symptoms. There are cases when similar symptoms occur due to allergies. Therefore, many tests should be done before a sinus surgery is performed.

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