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10 Ways for How to Get Rid of Runny Nose

A runny nose is a big and problematic issue for everyone from all age groups, which has painful moments for the patient, also for the people around you. They have a shameful feeling of blowing nose in front of other people as this against the etiquettes. And this is the only issue that almost all of us have to face during the winter season and getting rid of this infection soon is not that much easy. Sometimes if you let it untreated, maybe you would be confronted with a big trouble in near future.

In this Article how to get rid of runny nose, you will know the main cause of a runny nose and learn how to stop a runny nose fast.

Dehydration is again a significant source of causing a runny nose. Liquids are the better source of keeping you hydrated and let you way from all types of viruses.
Intake of maximum liquids helps your body to fight against harmful viruses. In summers and springs, the people are more prone towards getting the seasonal virus of a runny nose, as in this season the pollen growth is on peak and the dust and small particles of these pollens are moving through the air from place to place. All those people who have allergic with this pollen they are immediately caught by the pollens and they start with sneezing and finally they have a runny nose.

Following are ways how to get rid of runny nose:

Your body has right not to suffer from the viral infection like dripping nose and sore throat. You can go for any medical prescription, and also you could try some home based tips to relieve the problem of a runny nose. The following are 10 points that can give you a better chance to get rid of runny nose fast

  1. Try to take drinks that contain citrus in them twice a day; you can add sugar if you need.
  2. Try to make a habit of eating honey every morning.
  3. Ginger is the most efficient home remedy to get rid of a runny nose. So chew some crushed ginger with a little bit of salt. Ginger has the potential to fight against germs and bacteria’s.
  4. Do take the herbal tea of any kinds that can moisten your dehydrated throat, which is caused by the nasal obstruction.
  5. If you are suffering from pain with a runny nose, better to take analgesics or antipyretics as they can lessen the ache.
  6. Take an antihistamine as it has elements of giving you comfort from the irritation caused by the mucous membrane.
  7. Keep your tissue papers with you all the time especially, when you have a viral sinus problem.
  8. Always wash your hands properly not to get the infection from the affected people.
  9. Before going to bed, massage your nose area with warm olive oil.
  10. Rub some Vicks over and under your nose as this would give you a sudden relief from a runny nose.

These are some of the home remedies that can help you How to get rid of runny nose. Do try anyone that better suits you. Hope this could be beneficial for you.

Also see this Infographics to get stopped a nose with Ginger for a quick relief from various issues and problems of a runny nose

Medical treatments For Closed a Runny Nose

In most cases, the stuffy nose tends to auto resolve by itself within a few days; in general, you are not required specific medical treatments to ward off a stuffy nose

What to do for a Runny nose & Sneezing.

  • Drain the mucus through the aid of a saline based solution (nasal irrigation), to be instilled directly into the nose. The remedy is particularly suitable for small children with stuffy nose, who cannot blow their noses by themselves.
  • Sleep with the head of the bed slightly raised (place a pillow under the mattress, in line with the point at which the head rests): by doing so, the patient suffering from stuffy nose can rest better, and respiration is favored.
  • Often blow your nose, preferably using paper towels uses disposable.
  • Treat the cause that arises to the origins of the stuffy nose.
  • Drink plenty of fluids, especially hot.
  • Request the support of nasal sprays or humidifiers are useful to encourage the smooth flow of mucus, thus liberation from stuffy nose.
  • Consult your doctor immediately if the patient suffering from stuffy nose is a child aged less than 2 months and has high fever.
  • Avoid sudden changes in temperature.
  • Cover your nose and throat with a scarf before going out.

What NOT to do with Runny Nose

  • Drive or perform hazardous work after heavy doses of antihistamines: the sleepiness is one of the side effects of these drugs.
  • The antihistamine/corticosteroid without a prescription.
  • Take antihistamines for nasal care closed in case of hypertension or cardiac arrhythmias: the administration of these drugs increases the heart rate and raises blood pressure.
  • Use corticosteroid medications for long periods.
  • Take antihistamines for long periods.
  • Sleeping in the prone position. (face down)
  • Smoke
  • Swallowing mucus.
  • Continually blowing his nose in the same tissue.

What to eat for a Runny Nose (Remedies)

  • The foods hot liquids are especially suited to facilitate the dissolution of the mucus, thus freeing up your nose: broth, milk hot, tea, herbal teas, infusions, etc…
  • Take so much fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, useful for strengthening the immune system and ensure maximum efficiency of the organism

What NOT to Eat in Runny Nose

  • There is no scientific evidence that the food relationships with the worsening of symptoms associated with stuffy nose. (Hurrrraaaaahhhh) 😀


  • Prevention from stuffy nose is essentially to strengthen the immune system: the flu and the common cold, in fact, are an expression of insults viral / bacterial to the immune system.

To this end, we recommend:

  • Avoid sudden changes in temperature
  • Follow a diet rich in antioxidants ( vitamin C and vitamin E )

You cannot prevent a stuffy nose dependent on allergies, if not taking antihistamines specific vaccines or prophylactic purposes.

  • When a stuffy nose depends on the ‘ enlarged adenoids, the optimal treatment is the surgical removal of the same.
  • The plastic of the nasal septum (Septoplasty) consists of correcting the deviation of the nasal septum, it can trigger a stuffy nose.

The published material is intended to allow rapid access to tips, suggestions and general remedies that doctors and textbooks are usually dispensed for the treatment of Runny nose Stopped, Such indications should not in any way replace the advice of your physician or other health specialists who are treating the patient.

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