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Human adult inhales 17 times in a minute but due to stuffy or a runny nose medicine, the calculation may differ. Most of the time cold is the reason of the stuffy or a runny nose which annoys almost everyone. This problem may last for few days but in some cases if you left a runny nose untreated this can turn into a chronic situation.

Because of the nasal swelling, the production of mucus increased, which makes people difficult to breathe freely. There are medicines available in the market that eliminates the common cold, but one should take some careful measurements to get rid of this problem soon.


Nasal drops or sprays as Nasivin, Otrivin or Olynth can shortly make breathing easier. They constrict blood vessels so that the nasal mucus subsidies and secretes less. Whether drops or sprays are used, it’s a question of personal preference. Importantly the drugs may be applied more than seven days and no more than three times a day. Children should only use drops or sprays, which are prescribed by the doctor for a runny nose medicine.

Nasal showers

Nasal showers seem to alleviate the symptoms of chronic colds or allergies. They also help in severe cold; it’s entirely clear however some studies suggest the effectiveness of nasal showers. It’s totally clarified that rinsing the nose may assist you for a longer term. When the water is sprayed into one nostril by that moment the runny nose is temporarily freed from mucus. You can mix the fluid yourself by adding lukewarm water to half a teaspoon of salt (no iodine) and rinse the nasal skin, the amount of salt should be reduced or enlarged to fit the solution in their salt concentration of the human body. Nasal showers are also suitable for children, but younger children tolerate the procedure less well.


Menthol can be inhaled directly or in the form of water vapor. Scientists were able to measure any improvement in breathing performance in this regard. The patients reported the feeling of having a free nose after using Menthol. Perhaps stimulated cold menthol receptors in the nose and left your skin so that a pleasant sensation of coolness and freshness. However, should not be used in children under two years. They may face shortness of breath, vomiting, and seizures.


Hot steam helps a lot in killing the viruses so as the theory goes on. In practice, this expectation was fulfilled to a larger extent. That’s the conclusion of researchers, which is known for its careful analysis. When they were evaluating the available six studies with a total of 394 participants, there was quite a clear benefit by the vapor returned.


The sufferer who used tissues and put them in the pocket helps the optimal growth of germs and virus. Try to use a hygiene runny nose medicine. Try to use disposable tissues and throw away immediately after use. The hygiene is critical to get rid of this runny nose issue. So try to make yourself clean all the time. Don’t use the used tissues or handkerchief to blow your nose. Try to wash properly your dropper.

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